Paula Vazquez introduces Mision Eurovision

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Today during the famous Spanish television show Mira Quien Baila a live transmission was made wih the Mision Eurovision studios to introduce the 48 candidates and Paula Vazquez to the Spanish viewers.

Mira Quien Baila is a very famous show presented by Anne Irgatiburu who is a familiar face to Eurovision Song Contest fans as she has been Spain's spokeperson during the voting at the Eurovision Song Contest on several occasions. In today's show we even got to see David Civera singing one of his latest hits. David Civera represented Spain in 2001 at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song Dile Que La Quiero.

Tonight the show made a live trasmission with the Mision Eurovision studios in Los Alamos , Madrid, where all the Spanish viewers were introduced for the very first time to Paula Vazquez who will be presenting the show and to the participating candidates.

A grand stage has been erected in the studios with a huge seating capacity for the audience. Everyone taking part in the show tomorrow seemed to be very enthusiastic and excited about thewhole concept and the1st Mision Eurovisiongala.

Anne asked Paula about the preparations and theorganization for the fortchomingshow.Paula was very happy and said she was looking forward to presenting this grand show during the 7 weeks and that the final will be heldon the 2Oth of February.

Paula went on to mention that TVE want to win Eurovision this year and therefore they are asking the Spanish viewers to choose the best song and singer to represent them at the forthcoming Eurovision in Helsinki. Paula went on to introduce the show, the stage and the competing candidates to the Spanish television viewers ,who gota taste of what was in store for them!

TVE has indeed put in a lot of work and effort this year for their Eurovision selection, a massive promotional campaign promoting the show on Spanish television is ongoing. A spot showing Rosa in 2002, Beth in 2003, Ramon in 2004, Son de Sol in 2005 and Las Ketchup in 2006 with their respective results is currently being aired on television. At the end of the ad the viewers are asked what about 2007? Choose your entry and representant in Mision Eurovision. You can watch Mision Eurovision live on Tuesday the 9th of Janurary at 22:00 hrs CET on TVE 1 and at 21:50 CET on TVE International.

Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani

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