Spain: The first 15 entrants announced

by Victor Hondal 56 views

In the press conference held this morning in Madrid, the Spanish broadcaster TVE has announced the names of the 15 singers that will compete at the first Gala of Misión Eurovisión. The TVE's Programme and Contents Director, Pablo Carrasco, has remarked the high level that characterises all the entrants taking part in the preselection. Even Paula Vázquez, the hostess of the show, has said that they are “the best in Spain”.

As reported earlier this afternoon, 48 singers have been selected by the organizers of Misión Eurovisión to take part in the contest so far. 15 of them will take part in the first Gala, including Cristina Condeas confirmedearlier today. The show will be broadcast tomorrow at 22 h CET. These are their names:

  • Ybraem
  • Carmen Miriam
  • Juan Ikaro
  • Nacho Embid
  • María López
  • Gerard
  • Santa Fé
  • Keke
  • Katia
  • Cristina Conde
  • Baltanás
  • Nessa
  • Póker
  • Amaia Saizar
  • Miguel Cañadas

5 of them will qualify directly for the semifinal. Pablo Carrasco, TVE's head of Programmes and Contents, has stated clearly the great quality of all of them. In fact, the public broadcaster is now more interested than ever on bringing Europe a good song and singer from Spain.

The presenter of Misión Eurovisión, Paula Vázquez, has spoken out in the same way: "We have the best singers in Spain". Most of them are not well-known amongst the public, but it's not important in Paula's opinion.

In tomorrow's Gala, the viewers will be able to start voting the best Spanish entry at Eurovision Song Contest ever. This election will finish on February 20th, so that day Spain and Europe will know both the Spanish singer and theme and the best national song since 1961.

The show"Mira Quien Baila" tonight at 22.00hrs CET on TVE is to officially present the candidates on television tonight. TVE International will also telecast this show via satellite. Sky digital viewers receive this channel for free (802) and can watch live now with the Spanish public.