Norway: Stille Natt, Hellige Natt underway

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Just as the Three Wise Men journeyed across the desert to Bethlehem, so three former Eurovision entrants are journeying across Norway spreading a message of peace and Christmas cheer. 

Former winners Elisabeth Andreassen and Alexander Rybak, along with Tor Endresen, Norway’s 1997 representative at the contest, started the Stille Natt, Hellige Natt Christmas concert tour of the country’s churches in November and will continue until 22 December. The three came together for the concert series when it took place last year, too, and will be joined by the singers Marian Aas Hansen and Rune Larsen.

The Stille Natt, Hellige Natt concerts are something of a tradition in Norway, and have been running for the last 26 years. Part of the money raised through ticket sales has been donated to charities working across Africa and South America, and helping young people living with HIV.

All three former Eurovision entrants performing in the concert series this year have previously released Christmas-themed music. Most recent is Alexander Rybak’s album of American Christmas songs, Christmas Tales, which came out last year. Elisabeth Andreassen’s 1993 album, Julestemninger, was certified gold in Norway, and contains more traditional music, while Tor Endresen’s 2001 album Julen i våre hjerter was recorded with his daughter, Anne-Sophie.

Tor Endresen represented Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1997. He finished in joint last place with Portugal’s Celia Lawson. Both acts failed to get any points at all. Elisabeth Andreassen has had more luck in the competition. She represented Sweden in 1982 as part of the band Chips with the song Dag efter dag. Three years later, she went on to win the contest for Norway as part of the duo Bobbysocks with La det swinge. In 1994 she was back, this time singing Duett with Jan Werner Danielsen and finishing in sixth place. A year on, she finished in second place behind Ireland’s Eimear Quinn with the ballad I evighet. Alexander Rybak won the Eurovision Song Contest for Norway in 2009.

Tour dates

December 7, at 17:00 – Grorud Kirke, Oslo

December 7, at 20:00 – Grorud Kirke, Oslo

December 8, at 17:00 – Fredrikstad Domkirke, Fredrikstad

December 8, at 21:00 – Jeløy Kirke, Moss

December 9, at 18:00 – Grefsen Kirke, Oslo

December 9, at 21:30 – Bøler Kirke, Oslo

December 10, at 17:30 – Lillehammer Kirke, Lillehammer

December 10, at 21:30 – Gjøvik kirke, Gjøvik

December 11, at 18:00 – Ris kirke, Oslo

December 11, at 21:00 – Ris kirke, Oslo

December 13, at 18:00 – Ski Nye Kirke, Ski

December 13, at 21:00 – Ski Nye Kirke, Ski

December 14, at 17:00 – Mortensrud Kirke, Oslo

December 14, at 20:00 – Mortensrud Kirke, Oslo

December 15, at 17:00 – Bragernes Kirke, Drammen

December 15, at 20:30 – Østerås Kirke, Østerås

December 16, at 18:00 – Lillestrøm Kirke, Lillestrøm

December 16, at 20:30 – Lillestrøm Kirke, Lillestrøm

December 18, at 17:30 – Sandar Kirke, Sandefjord

December 18, at 21:30 – Tønsberg Domkirke, Tønsberg

December 19, at 18:00 – Asker kirke, Asker

December 19, at 21:30 – Kampen kirke, Oslo

December 20, at 18:00 – Immanuels Kirke, Halden

December 20, at 21:30 – Tune Kirke, Sarpsborg

December 21, at 17:00 – Brumunddal Kirke, Brumunddal

December 21, at 20:30 – Vang Kirke, Ridabu

December 22, at 17:00 – Fagerborg Kirke, Oslo

December 22, at 20:00 – Fagerborg Kirke, Oslo

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