Belgium: Sandra Kim finds her home in Flanders

by Fernando Méndez 2,028 views

The Belgian singer Sandra Kim recounted a few milestones in her biography during a recent interview. Among others she stated that she found her home in Flanders!

Sandra Kim is the youngest winner in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest. When she obtained Belgium’s only victory in Bergen, Norway in 1986 she was 13 years old, even though the lyrics of the winning entry J’aime la vie claimed that she was 15 at the time.

Sandra has come a long way and in her life and there are already plenty of memories and lessons learned through experience. She pointed out a few of them during an interview given to the Belgian website

Born to Italian parents in the region of Liege, she quit school when she was 14 and continued her studies at home. Although she claims that her childhood was a happy one, she eventually left Liege because, as she described, being a Belgian of Italian decent, who wins the Eurovision Song Contest, makes money, quits school and travels rises jealousy. I sheathed myself in a carapace and became tougher, Sandra further explained.

She moved to a number of cities in her home country until she finally settled down in Zaventem, a Flemish town right next to Brussels which is quite convenient for her as she works quite often in Flanders. She likes the place that she chose as home, where she wishes to stay for a long time. What she appreciates the most is the calm and the simplicity of the people there.

Sandra Kim won the 1986 Eurovision Song Contest representing Belgium with the song J’aime la vie. She has continued her career as a singer and has been involved in other activities as well. She is currently one of the commentators of the show Le 8/9 in the Belgian radio station Vivacité.

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