Ireland: Jedward hit Australia!

by Luke Borg 639 views

Last weekend, Irish twins John and Edward Grimes, known as Jedward, ended their short tour around Australia.

The duo which represented Ireland at the Eurovision Song Contest  in 2011 and 2012, didn’t just fulfill Australian ‘Jedheads’ dream as people from the UK also flew to Australia to see Jedward live.

They gave 3 concerts. One in Perth on 23rd November and one in Melbourne and Sydney on 30th November and 1st December respectively. They also appeared on two television shows on Channel 10 and SBS2.

Jedward finished 8th in the final in 2011 with Lipstick and 19th in the final in 2012 with Waterline, representing Ireland on both occasions.

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Do you think Jedward were ‘jepic’ at the Eurovision?!