Eurovision important to Armenians

by Michael Kuipers 87 views

A poll asking Armenians to vote for the most important event of 2006 for their country saw 11.3% of the people asked claiming that their country's debut in the Eurovision Song Contest was the most important event of the year.

André's 8th place in Athens beat the likes of the 15th Anniversary of Armenian Independence, and the making of the denial of Armenian genocide a crime by the French parliament.

Winner of the poll was Jacques Chirac's visit to Armenia, with 21.4% opting for that.

This popularity of the Eurovision in Armenia will hopefully spread to it's neighbour Georgia in 2007, as Sopho Khallvashi is set to sing their first ever entry in Helsinki.

Due to André's eighth place, Armenia will start in the final in Helsinki. The national broadcaster began their selection process for 2007 this month and are hoping to hold a final and semi-finals to select their entry for Helsinki.

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