Echoes of Gaia for the UN

by Marcus Klier 93 views

Echoes of Gaia, one of the entries in the 2006 Maltese national final, has been chosen as the theme song by United Nation's GenevaWorld. Recently, Natasha and Charlene, the singers, had already received another award for the song as it was part of the international exhibition Children's 191 views of the world that includes paintings made by children from all the member states and that is currently touring the world – including Malta.

The singers are more than happy: "We are thrilled by this experience. It is evident that Echoes of Gaia's success has gone far beyond our shores and is now reaching places which we were never thinking of such as this United Nations event. Once again it proves what a powerful song Echoes of Gaia was…and still is!", declared the girls.

Echoes of Gaia is played for all those who visit the exhibition. Hundreds of children express their longing for a better world in the drawings that are shown. The visitors aresupposed to show their personal views of the world keeping in mind the lyrics of the song to guide them. You can find the lyrics of Echoesof Gaia here (external link).

The song was written by Deo Grech and Natasha Grima to the music of Charlene Grima. In Maltasong 2006, they won the jury vote but fell down to a 10th position due to the televoting. In the OGAE second chance contest, they reached a 4th place.

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