The Netherlands: It’s A Glennis Grace Christmas!

by Roy Knoops 182 views

Glennis Grace, who represented The Netherlands in 2005 in Kiev, Ukraine, with the powerballad My impossible dream, has released a very special album on the 15th of November 2013: her first Christmas album!

The title of the album is One Christmas night only. According to Glennis Grace, she wanted to make a Christmas album for a long time. Besides popular Christmas classics, such as All I want for Christmas is you, Driving home for Christmas and Last Christmas, the album will feature some original Christmas songs by Glennis Grace.

With this album, Glennis Grace got her own Christmas wish fulfilled: she wanted to make such an album for a long time! It will be released as a CD, DVD, and an exclusive limited edition, which features both CD, DVD plus an extra bonus track.

Stay tuned to more information on the Netherlands and the Eurovision Song Contest.