Spain: Azúcar Moreno meet up after 6 years

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Toñi and Encarna aka Azucar Moreno got together again specially for a Spanish TV show after 6 years. The Spanish duo have not been in touch with each another since they broke up 6 years back.

Toñi Salazar and Encarna Salazar put an end to the story of Azúcar Moreno 6 years ago. All this time they had not spoken to each other. But last Thursday they were brought back together during the Spanish television show Tu cara me suena, which in English the title is translated to  your face seems familiar. The motto of the show is to have singers, actors, comedians and other famous people to immitate famous singers and artists from yesteryear and the present. The performances are very well seasoned with the remarkable work of characterization and make-up.

Last Thursday José and Juan Salazar, members of the Spanish flamenco group Los Chunguitos and Toñi’s and Encarna’s brothers were given the task of impersonating their own sisters singing  with one  of Azúcar Moreno’s biggest hits Bandido, the song with which  representing Spain in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest. There was a spicy detail: Toñi Salazar, Jose’s and Juan’s sister, and one of the impersonated persons was in the jury in charge of the evaluation of the performances.

Just  before Los-Chunguitos-dressed-like-Azúcar-Moreno got ready to start singing, another member of the jury, the former teacher of the Operación Triunfo Academy Ángel Llàcer stood up and went to Los Chunguitos taking Toñi with him. There was a special present for her on the stage: her sister Encarna. Both the sisters were reunited together after their 6 year drift.

After meeting and commenting that they were startled with their brothers’ look  Encarna expressed her feelings when she hugged and kissed her sister again. When you love someone, no matter what’s happened, it’s happened. Let’s let it go. You must live without resentment or hatred because that makes you bad and ugly. Toñi was glad to be back with her sister again, and said : I want  to go shopping  with my sister and to have the time of our lives.

The performance of Los Chunguitos was hilarious but no to the satisfaction of the Azucar Moreno sisters. This was then followed by a brief reprise of Bandido by all of the Salazars.

Los Chunguitos’s impression of Azucar Moreno.

This might not be the last time that we see Azúcar Moreno together as rumour has it  that they might be back together as a duo again. This is yet to be confirmed.

Azúcar Moreno represented Spain in the 1990 Eurovision Song Contest in Zagreb, Croatia (then Yugoslavia) with the song Bandido. They reached a fifth position despite a technical hitch they suffered at the beginning of their performance. The Spanish duo had to  interrupt their performance and start all over again. Nevertheless  Bandido continues to be remembered as one of the most celebrated achievements for Spain in the history of the Eurovision Song Contest.

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