The Netherlands: Anouk’s backing vocalist confesses about Malmö

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Anouk’s participation at the 58th Eurovision Song Contest has had a huge impact in the Netherlands. The country finally managed to qualify for the final for the first time in 9 years and finished 9th, its highest ranking in the last 14 years. Viewing figures soared drastically and their entry, Birds, broke Eurovision record in the Netherlands. The new success story from this 2013 adventure is for Shirma Rouse, one of Anouk’s backing vocalists, who is going to make her Live show debut this Friday in The Voice of Holland. She has also come back on her Eurovision Song Contest adventure in a very interesting and honest interview.

Anouk has performed several shows with a symphonic orchestra in Amsterdam this October, she will also perform 2 shows in December which are already sold out. To celebrate her tour, has opened a backstage section in which fans can see exclusive videos, competitions… The latest addition to this section is an interview of Anouk’s long time backing vocalist Shirma Rouse, 33, who comes back on her Eurovision Song Contest adventure. She reveals that although in the Netherlands the contest’s reputation was not very high (not surprising considering the disappointing results of the last decade), the Eurovision Song Contest is a huge impressive event, where she mingled with different delegations from around the continent. She also mentions her praise by Martin Österdahl, the executive producer of Malmö 2013, and her Frida Award for best backing vocalists alongside Ricardo Burgrust and Yerry Rellum.

Shirma Rouse has also been competing in The Voice of Holland and has secured her place to the live shows which are to start this Friday. You can see Shirma’s performances on the show on the official website.

Shirma Rouse’s interview in Dutch but English subtitles are available (remember to switch them on from YouTube website). Impatient? 02:20 is when she starts talking about the contest.

Anouk’s performance of Birds

Shirma Rouse on Heaven Knows with Anouk as the backing vocalist

Which countries have impressed you this year with their backing vocalists?