Germany: Roger Cicero opens up about his music…and life.

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Tonight, the 2007 German Eurovision representative Roger Cicero will sing at the Leverkusen Jazz Festival, and he spoke to the German website about his music and life.

Roger Cicero will give a concert at the event, he says it’s always fun to attend these kind of events as he sees what his colleagues are up to. At the event he will sing cover songs; songs that are very important to him as they helped him throughout  his journey of life. He will sing mainly pop and rock songs that he and his band have arranged in order to sound more jazzy. His band consists of:

Maik Schott (piano)
Matthias Meusel (drums)
Hervé Jeanne (double bass)

When Cicero was asked about his fans he said:

I am grateful to all my loyal fans beyond measure.I’m often recognized on the street, but rarely bothered, so I can live a normal life!

He also talked about his musical heroes including Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, The Beatles, Van Morrison and Nick Drake. When asked if he would ever return to the Eurovision, he quickly got away from the question and just said that his experience from 2007 was a lot of fun for him!

Roger Cicero represented Germany at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with Frauen regier’n die Welt and finished 19th in the Final.

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