Andorra: 82 songs submitted

by Marcus Klier 204 views

OGAE Andorra revealed today that 82 songs were submitted to broadcaster Andorra Televisó for their 2007 Eurovision Song Contest selection. Furthermore, 27 singers applied for representing their country. Most of the songs were submitted by composers from Andorra and Catalonia but some are also from Portugal, France, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and other European countries.

Last year, only 34 submissions – including songs and artists – were received by ATV. The higher number makes the Andorran delegation hope for a better result in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Now a commitee consisting of RTVA members and experts from the world of music and culture are going to listen to the songsand artists tomake their choice. The Andorran representative as well as his or her song are expected to be published on 15th January.

Andorra is one of the six countries that have failed to qualify in every semifinal broadcast so far: In 2004, they came fifth from last, in 2005 they received only 27 points , coming 3rd from last. This year in Athens, they scored a mere 8 points, all of which came from neighbouring Spain for the song Sense tu, sung by Jenny. Once again, Andorra will attempt to qualify from the semi-final in Helsinki on May 10th.

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