Lordimania: Chronicle of an announced marketing

by Yiorgos Kasapoglou 59 views

Last 10th of March Lordi won the fight in Finland when they were chosen to represent their country at the Eurovision Song Contest. In Athens, on 20th May 2006, the Finnish dream came true, the band won and Finland could finally celebrate its first monstrous victory! The Arockalypse revealed more surprises and pushed the band to international acclaim. Now, several more Lordi-products have spread to the market and are having huge success.

Since winning the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest in May, Lordi besides conquering numerous European charts and awards, have found time to have their own square named after them in Rovaniemi, Finland. They havebecome a perfect target for the people in the music markettrying to make some extra cash too.

The band has been given their own credit card though Finland's Sampo Bank, as well as their own softdrinks, Lordi Cola & Lordi Cola light (a licence agreement between Olvi plc and Sony BMG Music Entertainment Finland), Lordi candies, Lordi – collector´s cards andacomic book. The sales of Lordi products have started successfully and recently the band opened a restaurant in Rovaniemi. As expected, stamps and coins will follow in May 2007.

Lordi's guitarist, Jussi Sydänmaa aka Amen, is featured on the soundtrack to a PC game, Shadowgrounds. The music and the sound effects of the pc game were created by the musician Ari Pulkkinen and Jussi Sydänmaa (Amen) worked closely with him on the aggressive action tracks and performed live guitar to create several awesome riffs that are used on the soundtrack.

What next for a band that are fast becoming the greatest commerical success seen at the Eurovision Song Contest since Abba?

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