Spain: Sergio Dalma’s latest album available this week

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The latest album of the 1991 Spanish Eurovision representative Sergio Dalma has been presented online and will be on sale this week.

Sergio Dalma represented Spain in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest in Rome. His performance on the stage is still remembered among the Spaniards as one of the most beautiful ones in the history of the country in the competition.

The career of the artist, whose real name in Josep Sergi Capdevila, continued to grow since his Eurovision appearance and has sprung up in the last years with the release of the two installments in his series of covers of Italian hits, Via Dalma, in 2010 and 2011.

Sergio Dalma is now back with a record that consists of original compositions recorded in Milan, Italy. The title of the album is Cadore 33 and it was presented through the Spanish news website on 11 November.

Cadore 33 is the address in Milan where the album was recorded. Sergio Dalma explained that after the record was completed we went to celebrate it to a bar and Claudio [the producer] saw a poster of the Beatles in Abbey Road. And we though why not keep on walking the streets after Via Dalma (Via is Italian for street). Hence the address as the title…

Sergio Dalma claims that this album has songs that are more mature than those in the previous ones. A 49-year-old guy must sing about love and heartbreak from his point of view, he said. He is convinced that it is a good record. He too hopes for the music market to take a boost in this particularly hard time.

Besides presenting Cadore 33 through, Sergio Dalma also had time to take stock with the journalists on how he had had to deal with his stage character through the years and on the situation in his country. My music has been supposed to entertain. And in the current times, this has validity, he added.

Cadore 33 will be presented in a concert in L’Auditori in Barcelona, Spain on 28 March 2013, informed the concerts and events company The Project. The first single of the album is Si te vas.

Sergio Dalma will also hold an online meeting with the readers of on 12November 2013.

Sergio Dalma sang Bailar Pegados for Spain in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, achieving a fourth position with 119 points.

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Looking forward to listening to this album? Will you dance to its tunes? Do Sergio Dalma’s ballads make you feel (or fall) in love? Let us know of your opinion (and why not) feelings in the section below.

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