Belarus: Eurofest Tonight: Now live

by Benny Royston 66 views

There is some confustion about whether tonight's Eurofest is infact the final or not. Eurofest will select two acts by way of a professional jury. They will procede to an internal selection panel. A televote will also be held, and if the televote winner is not one of the two acts chosen by the jury, they will also go forwards to the internal selection panel, making a final shortlist of three.

The 15 performers will be singing live, and their presentations will include short personal introductions. The event will take place in the Big Hall of the Palace of the Republic and will be covered by the First National TV Channel. The show will also be broadcast live on the internet this evening. you can watch it at the following link:

The professional jury and viewers will select the two or three best performers. Two will be selected by the jury, and one by the TV viewers. In case the jury and viewers’ choices coincide, only two participants will go through to the final. The jury will not be present in the hall but will stay in a studio with TV screens. “We need to see what singers look like on the screen, as ‘Eurovision’ is a TV contest,” explained Alexander Tikhanivich.

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