Turkey: Hadise wins poll

by René Romkes 111 views

70% of Turks would like to see Flemish singer Hadise representing their country at the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest, according to a news report on Turkish ATV. However, Hadise has not yet received an official invitation of Turkish broadcaster TRT.

Hadise, a Flemish singer with Turkish blood, broke through in Turkey earlier this year as co-host of the local version of Idols,which attracted around 20 million viewers each week. Hadisefound outherself that the Turkish peoplewould like to see her representingTurkey at the Eurovision Song Contest in Helsinki. "That was really weird," Hadisesaid in De Rode Loper, a showbiz program on VRT's first channel Eén. "Suddenly I saw myself with images of the TMF Awards. I felt so great, also because people still haven't forgotten me."

However, not all Turks support the choice for Hadise, mainly because of her sexy outfits. "Some Turks think it is great, but others find it over the top, these outfits and hot pants," Hadise says.

Hadise isquite reservedabout a possible participationat the Eurovision Song Contest. "Such a competition includes many risks. If I would take part for Turkey… I would really fear not reaching the final, or receiving a lot of criticism." Hadise, one of Kate Ryan's best friends, noticed the unpredictability of The Eurovision Song Contest . "I have experienced it all a bit before with Kate".Next to that,Hadise revealed her preference for representing Belgium above Turkey."I was born in Belgium; this is my home."

No matter what, Hadise has started dreaming about the Eurovision Song Contest 2007. "If I would take part – I am a perfectionist – then the performance should be incredibly. Besides that, the song would have to be extremely good. So we'd have to spend a lot of time on it".

Click the play icon below to see Hadise's promotional video for the song Stir me up.

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