Ruslana's salvation

by Marcus Klier 70 views

A remarkable story happened to Ukrainian Eurovision Song Contest winner Ruslana and Russian national final participant Varvara last week: the two ethno pop singers performed together their song 2 Ways in the shooting of the New Year Party TV Program that took place in the Kremlin State Palace in Moscow. The same day Ruslana, being the Good Will Ambassador of UNISEF, had to go to Brussels to participate in a working meeting. The beginning of the concert was slightly delayed and when the singers had performed, there were about 2 hours left before their departure…

…It was enough time to get to the airport, but not for those who want to get there by car from Moscow center. Actually Varvara is a very orderly driver, but that day the singer made up her mind to give up her principles in order to help her friend Ruslana to get to Belgium in time. Those drivers who were in the traffic jams saw a Mercedes rushingdown the footpath, leaving behind and lopping other cars as if it was Michael Schumacher. Yes Varvara seems to have been possessed by the 7-time world championship racing driver!

When there were 10 minutes left to get on board, Varvara and Ruslana came up to the airport. Butmore trouble was waiting for them. They couldn't pull out the huge Ruslana's suitcase. Fortunately within 10 minutes they did! Ruslana went through rapid registration when the plane was about to take off. In airport officials' sight Ruslana hugged and kissed Varvara and promised her to send the official written gratitude from Ukraine.

Varvara: "When the plane took off, I took a long breath. Then I recollected everything that had happened to us and burst out laughing. Ruslana is a very many-sided person. Apart from her music, she perfectly feels herself in politics. When we meet, she is always telling me about her work in the Supreme Rada (State Parliament in Ukraine ), about her cooperation with international organizations where she represents Ukraine "

In 2004, Ruslana won the Eurovision Song Contest for Ukraine with her own composition Wild dances. Varvara competed in the 2005 Russian national final with Letala, da pela (Flew and sang) and finished 4th. kindly thanks Vlad Yakovlev for his contribution.

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