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Tomorrow, Belarus will hold their national semi final Eurofest for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. Broadcaster TVR have already published the 15 songs that will compete in the selection. Now you shall have the chance to get a closer look on the singers. The information on the artists is taken from, the official Eurofest website.

The participating music acts are:

Dali – Mechtai so mnoy(Dream with me)

The band actively toured all over Belarus and Poland. Dali are laureates of Golden Hit – 2005, Music Contest – Tribute to Vladimir Muliavin and finalists of the national qualifying contest Eurovision 2006. The band is ready to invite the audience to the journey of fantasies and show the essence of Belarusian character. Dali say about themselves that they may be liked and may be adored – subtle insolence and artistic helter-skelter – it is al Dali. Dali finished 10th in the 2006 Belarussian final with Europe's heart's groove.

Litesound Summer trip

Litesound rock bandwere founded in 2004. Over two years the band has turned into a successful project known far outside Belarus. The musicians took prizes of international contests in China and USA. This year, Litesound won first place during the contest held in Italy. The musicians write music and lyrics by themselves and bet on high level of performance and music material. At present Litesound are into writing their first album. Litesound came sixth in the 2006 Belarussian final with the song My faith.

The Project – S.U.P.E.R.S.T.A.R.

The Project was started at the beginning of 2006. However the band’s songs have already gained popularity in Belarus and are played by the radio stations of USA, France, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Ukraine and some other states.
The musicians say that S.u.p.e.r.s.t.a.r composition performed at Eurofest shouldn’t be taken seriously. The basic idea is in irony and absurd. The Project paid special attention to bright show and performance. There hasn’t been such Belarus at the contest yet!

LENACall me (Spetember 11th)

LENA is one of the brightest performers in Belarusian show business. Her way in musicstarted back in 2003 with the participation in contest of young performers Smiling Star. The star smiled to the young musician and she made it into the top three. Participation in different national and international contests became good school for LENA.

New Generation – Belarus

New Generation band were founded in 2004 at Forte studio. This time it is represented by three singers – Ekaterina Nesterovich, Nina Smirnova and Olga Gulbis. The girls are really stunning and let’s see if the jury and the audience are able to resist their charm. The band was among the winners of Flourish, Belarus and Young Voices.

Oleg Karpenko I feel good tonight

It seems like all muses gathered by cradle of Oleg Karpenko after his birth. He can easily sail, play the guitar, sing and compose music. Discos, where he performed were extremely popular. Friends call him musician or composer. Oleg worked in Bahrain. Returning home he started working as sound director at Belarus TV and radio. He also took Vanilla Dreams project and afterwards, together with guitarist Sergey Isakov, founded acoustic band VIA Znaki.

Anna SharkunovaFalling down

Anya Sharkunova was born in Pinsk in sailor’s family. That is why no wonder that the girl likes the sea.
The singer managed to reach great success in shortest time. Her song Goodbye, my last love was actively played by all Belarusian radio station. Anya also performed it during Silver Gramophone project and occupied 2nd place for a month. Afterwards she won in Song of the Year – 2006 project leaving behind the second performer by 10000 votes.

Irina Yarina – Krotkiy dozhd (Short rain)

Irina Yarina is from Ukraine. She is a member of Association of Popular Art, winner of international and Ukrainian festivals and contests, participant of semifinal of Ukraine’s Eurovision – 2005.
The most outstanding victory was made by Irina Yarina in Los Angeles during the World Entertaining Art Championship; she received more awards than anybody in the competition on participation of over 2500 people from 53 states. Irina is the author of three albums; she wrote many own music compositions and she has over 120 awards, diplomas and other prizes. Ukraine’s President awarded her with a special grant for gifted youth. Irina Yarina participated in the 12th semi final of the Ukrainian selcetion in 2005 with the song Pisnya kohannya. She finished third and therefore didn't make it to the final round.

Borneo – Fingertips

Borneo is a band of threeyoung guys from Gomel. Each of them has gone on roads through Belarus and the world many times.The soloists of Borneo are Alexander Dubenkov, Andrey Shugov and Alexander Murashkintsev. At first the guys performed in the experimental theater Synthesis and today their band Borneo represents a new wave in the Belarusian music. The fans do love their new hit Dream. In autumn 2006 music agency called the band the most promising young performer of Belarus.

Natalia TameloSo badly high

Though she is a popular performer, Natalia Tamelo is a modest and shy girl in life. She is a soloist of the State Belarusian Concert Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Finberg. She is also a laureate of international and domestic music contests. Her first hits were included in the album Wait for me. Natalia Tamelo likes warm and simple relationship between people. She is dreaming about a big house to host all her relatives and live a big and happy family with them. Natalia Tamelo finished 3rd in the 2005 Belrussian final with the song My love is sweet poison.

Victor PshenichniySooner or later

Victor Pshenichny is well-known to the domestic audience for such songs as The Alchemists, Magnetic Waves, Letters from the Coast. He took up music at the age of 17 in Bobruisk. Then he was called up and played in Severomorsk wind band for two years. That was when he wrote his first song. His cooperation with the State Belarusian Concert Orchestra conducted by Mikhail Finberg was another serious step in his music career. Roads, big concerts, prestigious festivals including Slavonic Basaar came next. For several years Pshenichny performed in Bahrain. When he returned home in 2004, Victor immediately took up a solo career and he thinks that was landmark moment in his life.

XXXLightI don't know

Moscow band XXXLight is another foreign guest of Eurofest. It plays a soft trip hop in English. Two musicians and one singer produce the music of sweet melancholy which takes you in at once. The band takes example of the best samples of the culture of the 20th century from Marlene Dietrich and Marilyn Monroe to Miles Davis and Frank Zappa. XXXLight has mostly performed abroad so far: the USA, Canada, Denmark, Israel. The band also took part in the international festival "Jazz Cocktail" in August 2005.

Svayaki Saldoki myodzik (Sweet honey)

Each performance of Mozyr-based band Svayaki is a bright and dynamic theater show with maximal use of the Belarusian folklore. The band is characterized by bright, unusual style and fresh performance and received diploma of the first degree at international festival in Surgut. At the moment the band is on the top of its popularity and the guys successfully represent native factory, town and the nation.

Dimitry KoldunAngel mechty (Dream angel)

Dmitry Koldun. The name of this young and attractive performer is on the tongues of the youth. Dima was a winner of the famous Star Factory 6. His main principal in life is integrity and sincerity in relations with the audience and Dmitry tries to always keep his word. Dmitry’s life credo is "Koldun, you are the best!" Dmitry appreciates intellect and charm in women. Yet he doesn’t like hot-tempered and forth-putting girls. In childhood he dreamt to become a surgeon. Now his dream is a personal studio.

Diana GurtskayaHow long

n childhood Diana Gurtskaya used to sing for her family and relatives and than she started singing for her classmates. She learned to play the piano and graduated from a music school in Tbilisi. Diana gave her first public concert when she was 10. Her sensitive manner of performance impressed the audience of Tbilisi Philharmonics. The next morning Gurtskaya was a celebrity. Vivid talent and longing for perfection helped Diana to study for a pop singer in Gnesin Music School. After graduating from it Diana took up an independent career in pop music. Her vocal talent is admired not only in Russia, but also in many countries of the world.

You can listen to all the songs on the official website here.

Belarus participated in the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest semi final for the first time but never made it to the final. Their best result came in 2005 when Angelica Agurbash achieved a 13th place with Love me tonight. In Athens, Polina Smolova finished 22nd with her song Mum. Therefore, Belarus will have to enter the semi final in Helsinki once again.

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