Last 2 Albanian finalists chosen

by Michael Kuipers 113 views

Evans Rama and Herciana Matmuja will proceed to the 45th Festivali I Këngës to compete for Albania's place in the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest after winning the youth festival. Albania will be the second country to decide their song for Helsinki and will be the first country to select their entry through a public selection.

They will join the 30established artists who have already been announced, including multiple entrant Mariza Ikonomi.

Despite having already taken place, the youth festival won't be shown on RTSH until the 20th December, before the semi fianls of Festivali I Këngëstake place on the 21st and 22nd, before the Albanian entry is chosen in the final on the 23rd – making it the second song selected for the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest. earlier thisevening broke the exclusive news that Moldova will become the first country to select their entry tomorrow.

RTSH has also announced that the hosts for the Festivali I Këngëswill be Adri Krasta, Vesa Luma and Ermela Teli. Vesa Luma took part in the Festivali I Këngës43 along with Teuta Kurti & Rona Nishliu.

Additionally, Albanian Eurovision fans can watch a special show on the 45th anniversary of the Festivali I Këngëstomorrow night on RTSH, which will include many high-profile Albanian musicians reliving the highlights of the past 44 contests.

The complete line up of artists is:

  • Kujtim Prodani
  • Mateus Frroku
  • Joe Ardit Fejzo
  • Amarda Arkaxhi
  • Samanta Karavelo
  • "Sfinksi"
  • Sonila Mara
  • Erion Korini
  • Evis Mula
  • Gerta Tafa
  • Andi Kongo
  • Saimir Cili
  • Etmond Mancaku
  • Saimir Braho
  • B. Mehmeti, M. Ymeri
  • Rovena Stafa
  • Tonin Marku
  • Mariza Ikonomi
  • Ervin Bushati
  • Alban Skenderaj
  • Eliza Hoxha
  • Silva Gunbardhi
  • Frederik Ndoci
  • Jonida Maliqi
  • Gerta Koci
  • Alberie Hadergjonaj
  • Enkeleida Kodra
  • Arber Arapi
  • Rosela Gjylbegu
  • Voltan Prodani
  • Evans Rama
  • Herciana Matmuja

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