Switzerland: Sinplus get a new dwelling and sing in Ticinese

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The Broggini brothers aka Sinplus,the 2012 Swiss Eurovision representatives,take a step forward and leave their family residence.

The two members of the Swiss band Sinplus, the brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini, have decided to get a place for themselves and leave their mother’s home. And there is a reason behind this move…

It would appear that though their entry for Switzerland in the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest did not make it to the final, it earned both of them a reputation of Don Juan that now proves itself quite handy. Since then, I attract many more beautiful women, stated Ivan to the Swiss newspaper Blick.

As they now expect to welcome many ladies, they would like to be able to bring company home without bearing the scrutiny of their whole family. Hence their decision to move to a house that has a spectacular view over Lago Maggiore.

On 5 November Sinplus were guests of the Swiss Radio3i show Pane Tostato (Italian for toast bread). The Swiss news portal ticinonews.ch suggested that they probably attended the show because they missed their mom’s breakfasts after leaving the family house. In any case, during the broadcast they attempted to sing their Eurovision entry Unbreakable in Ticinese, the dialect of the Swiss Canton Ticino, making it Indistruttibil. Matteo Pelli, the host of Pane Tostato, said (laughing) that it was one of the worst moments lived in Radio3i in the last years.

Sinplus represented Switzerland at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest in Baku with their entry Unbreakable.

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