Vaiko Eplik: no 'commercial' music anymore

by Marcus Klier 191 views

Vaiko Eplik, front singer of the group RUFFUS who represented Estonia in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest, stated during an interview with the website that he won't make commercial music anymore. In fact, he is 'kind of ashamed' of his early succeses. He wants to concetrate on his job as a Radio 2 journalist since he earns enough not to mix up job and music.

Vaiko appeared in Estonian TV at the age of eight for the first time. His first CD had already appeared when he was 18 before his britpop band Claire's birthday bacame the most succesful one in Estonia. Now he likes to be independant so that he is able to make 'real' songs beyond the mainstream. According to him, music must no be under any commercial influence – even if Mozart's Requiem has also been commissioned.

Estonia finished 21st in Riga with the song Eighties coming back. Trivia: Estonia suffered from the curse of last year's host. After they finished in the top 10in six out of seven occasions from 1996 – 2002 (including a victory in 2001 and hosting the contest in 2002), it was the first entry that did quite poor. All songs after the 2003 entry would not even qualify for the final round. Worth noting: Eighties coming back was the first entry that was chosen along with public televoting.

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