France: Alain Barrière makes a comeback

by Yann Messina 572 views

Alain Barrière, the 1963 French Eurovision entrant in London, is making a comeback with the release of a new album and a series of concerts to be given next year in the French speaking Canadian Province of Quebec. 

A couple of years after a farewell concert he could not perform due to some serious health problems, Alain Barrière is back under the spotlights. Peter Ranallo, a music producer from Quebec, got the idea to release an album made of the best tracks of the artist performed by some famous singers from the Province in virtual duet with the original recordings of Alain Barrière. Eleven songs are listed in the album titled Mes duos d’amour, including the 50-year old Eurovision entry Elle était si jolie in duet with Cindi Daniel.

Pleased with the project, the French singer is thus making a comeback without having to record new material in studio. Now aged 78, Alain Barrière could not expect a better opportunity to perform on stage next. The singer has been invited to join the cast of the very popular show Les Idoles which will give two exceptional performances in the city of Quebec’s Pepsi Arena on 2-3 May 2014 along with many other famous French and Canadian singers from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s including the 1988 French Eurovision entrant Gérard Lenorman.