Thorleifs and Dogge Doggelito as Wildcards?

by Matthias Mattsson 86 views

According to Expressen, famous Swedish dance band Thorleif and hip-hop artist Dogge Doggelito have recorded a song together which is now said to be of interest to SVT as a 'wildcard' in next year's edition of Melodifestivalen, the Swedish national final. 28 entries are already chosen for the four semi finals and will be joined by four other ones, the so-called 'wildcards'.

Dogge and Thorleifs have been in the studio to record a song together, and according to Expressen they had a great time.

Expressen tells that SVT is very interested in this unexpected cooperation between a traditional Swedish dance band and ahip-hop artist. This is just whatMelodifestivalen needs, says Expressen.The song is a classic dance schlager with the versus sung by Dogge and the refrain with Thorleifsjoining in. This is not the first time Thorleifs have worked on this kind of crossover songs, in the 90's they did a song called Tre Gringos (Three Gringos) together with a band called Just D.That song was a huge hit in Sweden.

Dogge Doggelito made his breakthrough with hip-hop group Latin Kings which recorded four albums; a number of their songs went on to become Swedish classics. Thorleifs have been in the business for almost 44 years and are one of Swedens most successfull dance bands with an impressive number of hits. Their song Gråt inga tårar (Don´t cry any tears) is one of the most played danceband schlagers still and it was released in the mid 70s. In 1998 they where honoured by the post office with their own stamp.

Martin Österdahl, who is project manager of Melodifestivalen, refuses to comment on the work with next years wildcards, but says that they are looking into all kinds of possibilities to get the best acts as 'wildcards'.

Sweden finished 5th in the Eurovision Song Contest final in Athens with Carola's Invincible. Therefore, they are directly qualified for the final round in 2007. You can find the line-up of the songs that are already chosen here.

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