Eurovision 2014: DR’s production manager Kamilla Monies talks of her plans

by Eleanor Cooper 340 views

Kamilla Monies, the production manager for the Eurovision Song Contest 2014 in Copenhagen, has stated that she wants next year’s contest to be “ultimately executed“.

It’s like I’m riding a giant Eurovision wave!” says Kamilla Monies “Being a production manager is like being surfer. There comes a giant wave, and when you really hit the target, it is fantastic. If I get a job under my skin and really get up and ride the wave, it’s the best thing for me professionally.”

Kamilla Monies is the production manager for the Eurovision Song Contest, and for her there is no doubt that the project is the largest wave she has met. She was brought into Eurovision from Nordisk Film TV to ensure that the Eurovision Song Contest will be conducted with both grace and passion. And for her, it is indeed execution that has her full attention now.

My vision is that the show will be ultimately executed. And it’s the journey there that is important. I do not want a team of 300-400 people who are completely destroyed afterwards and will never do it again. Although they will be quite tired!” laughs Kamilla.  On the contrary, she dreams of putting a team that comes out on the other side with pride and say, “Lets do it again!”.

The job requires me to be an early riser, someone who is thorough and organised. And then I like it. Many years of experience make it possible both to ride a wave, but at the same time be a little a control freak. Waves offers the rush, but it is important to dive in and ensure that the project is on track,” she says.

She admits, however, that it really requires eight hours of sleep, when possible, and a healthy lifestyle to be able to handle a project of the Eurovision caliber. And then, of course, a good deal of courage to jump into new challenges.

Something few people know is that this particular project will undoubtedly have a special status for this experienced production manager, who has worked over 25 years in the industry and travelled to several hundred projects. Now she would like to have new creative producer-forces on the field.

It is very likely my last individual project. I had actually decided that I would put myself more firmly into the background and not create any more individual productions. But then this project came along!”

The plan was that she should now sit with a committee, giving an overview of the many projects in the Nordic Film and TV, and not take charge of one. But the international Grand Prix was too exciting a project to decline!

I hope I can help to push some boundaries on a format that has been around for many years and are of international character. So now I give everything I have. And then I hide away backstage!” laughs Kamilla Monies.

Kamilla Monies will be the production manager for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Copenhagen, which will take place on the 6th, 8th and 10th May 2014.

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