Best of Euroviisut in concert

by Ilari Karhapää 95 views

Finnish Eurovision stars gather together in an unique concert in Espoo's Länsiauto Areena to celebrate the Finnish Eurovision Song Contest history: Over 20 singers and more than 40 songs will be live on stage on 8th February 2007. The idea is very simple: get together as many singers as possible who have represented Finland in the Eurovision Song Contest, or have scored a big hit from the Finnish selection, or have had a hit with an Eurovision cover version. In short: only music from the contest! So far, the artists that have agreed to participate are:

Marion (Tipitii in 1962 and Tom tom tom in 1973), Katri Helena (Katson sineen taivaan in 1979 and Tule luo in 1993, Fredi (Varjoon suojaan in 1966 and Pump pump in 1976), Anneli Saaristo (La dolce vita in 1989), Laura Voutilainen (Addicted to you in 2002), Jarkko ja Laura (Kuin silloin ennen 1969), Kirka (Hengaillaan in 1984), Sonja Lumme (Eläköön elämä in 1985, Kojo (Nuku pommiin in 1982), Viktor Klimenko (Aurinko laskee länteen in 1965), Cat Cat (Bye bye baby in 1994), Markku Aro (Tie uuteen päivään in 1971)and Ami Aspelund (Fantasiaa in 1983)from the winners category. Also Lea Laven (runner up in 1978 with Aamulla vielä rakkaani näin and who has coveredItaly 1974, France 1976 and Luxembourg 1983 just to name the biggest ones), Frederik (cover of Dschingis Khan is propably his biggest Eurovision hit along with his own selection song from 1982, Titanic), Pepe Willberg (several participations in national finals), Kisu (several national finals), Tapani Kansa (most songs in national finals without a win), Kim Lönnholm (twice in national finals) will be there.

Katri Helena and Marion both have covered several Eurovision songs in their long career. Marion's hits include covers of Israel 1973 and 1979, Italy 1975, Netherlands 1975, Denmark 1979 and Switzerland 1986. Katri Helena's most famous Eurovision covers includeLuxembourg 1973, France 1977, Germany 1982, Italy 1983, Germany 1981, Netherlands 1980and United Kingdom 1998. It's worth noting cover versions were verypopular thing to do in the 1960'sand especially in the 1970's. These days hardly any have been made. Laura Voutilainen has covered Croatia 1998 and recently Eini Spain 2003. Apparently Jari Sillanpää has bought the rights to Serbia-Montenegro 2004, but has not released it yet.

This concert adds nicely to the Eurovision song contest fever Finland has been living since last May. Lordi's victory has been featured in all end of the year lists of the biggest news in 2006 in media. With the national selection Euroviisut kicking off in two weeks and YLE's Euroviisut specials to be aired during the next months it's unlikely things will calm down until next summer!

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