EuroBlog Round-up (4 December)

by Steve Holyer 50 views

It's going to be the biggest Eurovision Song Contest ever, and that's not just hyperbole. It's a fact. Sven Stockselius said so. And then, fans around the Internet reacted this week to the news that forty-three different countries will be eligible to compete in the Eurovision Song Contest this year. Also interest in the National finals heated up with announcements from Malta and Sweden, and everyone pauses to think of their True fantasy.

The Finnish broadcaster YLE, the European Broadcasting Uuion (EBU) and T.E.A.M. who hold the commercial rights for the contest announced the theme for the next contest will be “True fantasy“. The Eurovision slash fiction bloggers are sure to love this theme and work it into any number of titles. If you don't know what slash fiction is, you look it up on Wikipedia here. Yes Eurovision slash is out there. Euroblogger has seen it. And Euroblogger is not passing any judgments; what you what to fantasize about Mihai Trăistariu, Dima Bilan and An�ej De�an on the privacy of your own computer is your own business. But don't look for any links here – at least not two days after the Junior Eurovision Song Contest. This is arguably a family oriented blog after all.

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