OGAE has revealed the Second Chance Contest winner

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Every Eurovision fan knows the OGAE, World’s biggest fan club of the Eurovision Song Contest. Last week, OGAE has revealed the name of the winner of their Second Chance Contest 2013.

The OGAE has clubs in several countries and each club is invited to vote for their favourite song from the ones that failed to qualify during the national selections. Every OGAE club cast their vote and the country with the biggest number of votes is elected as the Second Chance Contest winner. This year OGAE Spain was in charge of the organisation since Pastora Soler with her song Tu vida es mi vida won last year.

OGAE Second Chance Contest 2013

This year’s contestants were:

[Norway] 01. Adelen Bombo [Spain] 06. El Sueño de MorfeoAtrévete [Italy] 11. Malika AyaneE se poi
[Greece] 02. Alex Leon feat. GeorginaAngel [Germany] 07. Blitzkids MVTHearts on the line [Hungary] 12. Gigi RadicsUgy faj
[Iceland] 03. Svavar Knútur og Hreindís YlvaLífið snýst [Lithuania] 08. Gabrielius VagelisSacrifise [Israel] 13. Asi TalToda la noche
[Belgium] 04. Roberto BelarrosaReste toi [Sweden] 09. Yohio Heartbreak hotel [Ireland] 14. Aimee Fitzpatrick Crashing down
[Finland] 05. Mikael SaariWe should be through [Serbia] 10. Dusan SvilarSpas [Austria] 15. Yela Feels like home

This year’s winner and ranking can be discovered through this video or if you cannot wait, jump to the end of this article.

The contest started in 1987 and was branded Europe’s Favourite at that time with only 4 OGAE branches and expended over the last 3 decades to 15 countries voting this year. So far, 37 countries have taken part over the years but only 9 countries have won the contest since its creation. Sweden has won the competition a staggering 13 times, ahead of Norway, The United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Spain and Denmark with 3 victories each. Although the contest was created in 1987, OGAE managed with the help of the internet to do a Retrospective Second Chance Contest from 1976 to 1986.

2013 saw the victory of Norway with Adelén and the song Bombo and Italy with Malika Ayana as the runner up. Congratulations to Norway for their third victory in this contest.

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