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Tonight, esctoday.com invites Europe to watch the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2006 live online at the official website, www.junioreurovision.tv and read the live commentary from our guest panel on www.esctoday.com. The panel includes three esctoday readers, joined by two experts, esctoday.com editor, Marcus Klier and OGAE International Fan Club Co-ordinator, Martti Immonen in Finland!

the esctoday.com team will be reviewing the reactions to this article tomorrow morning, the readers that post the best 3 reactions will receive a special prize by post!

The special guest panel includes 3 of our readers, Daniel Lewis from the UK, Gil Laufer from Israel and Redianne Saliba from Malta .In addition, we will have comments from two experts, esctoday.com editor, Marcus Klier from Germany, and we are pleased to be joined by none other than the International Co-Ordinator for the entire OGAE International network, Mr. Martti Immonen in Finland.

So… get ready to enjoy the commentators' views as we say…. GOOD EVENING EUROPE

The welcoming sequence is underway, and the 2006 Junior Eurovision Song Contest has begun! It's time to meet the panel!:

GiLaufer – Israel says: hello, i'm Gil, 13, from israel!
Daniel Lewis – UK says: Hello i am Danny and i am calling from the United Kingdom
Redianne Saliba-Malta says: Hello I am Redianne and calling from Malta
Martti Immonen, Finland says: Hello, I am Martti and I am calling from Finland
Redianne Saliba-Malta says: A spectaCular introduction-Let the mUsic play
Daniel Lewis – UK says: The opening show… How Random
Marcus Klier, Germany says: Hi, hope you know me, I'm Marcus, and I like this circus atmosphere

The artists are being introduced and are taking their places in the Green Room, situated in the heart of the arena
Daniel Lewis – UK says: now lets welcome the contestants in this, the 4th Annual Junior Eurovision Song Contest!… and one of the swedish girls fell over with excitment
Martti, Finland says: The opening number did already tell, that this is real eurovision circus
Marcus, Germany says: Great idea to bring them all on stage at the beginning; I have missed this in ESC since 1983

Animated introduction to Romania and Introduction of hosts
Redianne-Malta says: Nice and animated tour
Gil – Israel says: like in latvia 2003
Marcus, Germany says: I think this girl presenter, Iona has borrowed Luminita Anghel's voice

The voting lines are now officially open!!!!! Here come the songs…

Marcus, Germany says:
Well, somehow I like the Portuguese entry, but it's too simple. It's the kind of song that would come last in an ESC. The show is just like the song – at least that's consequent.
Gil – Israel says: nice start for the contest and for portugal in the contest, won't be too high and won't be in the bottom.
Martti, Finland says: Portugal has quite nice song. Artist has some talents and may have future in the music sky of Portugal. Unfortunately the song is quite ordinary and I am afraid it will not do as good as we would hope. A bit more charisma
Danny, UK says: A good start to the show. Pedro has good audience participation, he looks very at home. This could be a very good night for Portugal!
Redianne-Malta says: A bit serious song for junior eurovision. The foCus was only on the singer… felt Dancers were left out

Song 2 – CYPRUS
Gil – Israel
says: Cyprus: song is catchy, singers are nice (Christina looks like Roni Superstar JR), but i can hardly hear the singers
Marcus, Germany says: Not my cup of tea. Cheap song, cheap choreography and the voices are quite low. Having started second, this is my favourite to come last.
Redianne-Malta says: An average song but a good chereography.
Martti, Finland says: Cyprus has once again far better quality in Junior Eurovision than in the adults contest. There is a real uptempo number, voices matches, but what about the choreography. Sure they are kids and so this is a really pleasent number, but not as catchy in whole.
Danny – United Kingdom says: And now ths kids from Cyprus, a nice little happy pop song. Seems to be going without any problems, could be a good night for the Island. Could be the best result for Cyprus in JESC History.

Redianne-Malta says:
Great voice but Not a junior eurovision type song.. I tHink we'll soon see Kimberly in the Eurovision Song Contest. I tHink it will be among the top ten.
Gil – Israel says: Nice ballad, but a little difficult and the dancers aren't adding. sounds like my impossible dream (eurovision 2005). maybe it's Kimberley's impossible dream?
Marcus, Germany says: I think it's the best song in the contest, but that won't mean anything. Good singer, but another one that made me turn up the volume
Danny – United Kingdom says: This is very different from the previous Netherlands entries, they have gone for something more serious this time, she is vocally perfect and has a great performance. will this stand out in the crowd?
Martti Immonen, Finland says: Netherlands – wow, this girl has the charisma and the voice. Choreography matches the song perfectly. Once again great entry from Netherlands, which could easily get radioplay. A name to remember for future … great job Kimberley – I am speechless

Song 4 – ROMANIA
Redianne-Malta says:
A potential winning song.. Appealing to cHildren…and grown ups too who are young at heart
Gil – Israel says: we are the winners? i guess that it will work on children, a catchy song, but i think that it's the weakest song for romania in junior eurovision
Danny – United Kingdom says: Now the host country, Represented by Peter Pan, Spiderman, Prince Charming and Harry Potter! is this a recipe for success? very good, catchy chorus, the verses let it down. I assume this will be the winner!
Marcus, Germany says: Maybe it's because I am not Romanian but I don't really get why Harry Potter, Spiderman a female Tarzan and some kind of Prince are singing for Romania. Maybe they won't distract from the monotone song.
Martti, Finland says: Romania has always offered great songs and melodies and artists. Unfortunately this time this song is pale, even boring and unfortunately this is not working. Choreography is dull. Not even children won´t fall for this, sorry. Better luck next time.

Song 5 – UKRAINE
Gil – Israel says:
Great performance, great song, great dresses, PERFECT! top 5 for me!
Redianne-Malta says: Great chereography and dresses.
Gil – Israel says: It reminds me the performance of Tina Karol, which also was great!
Redianne-Malta says: I tHink Ukraine make it among the top 8
Martti, Finland says: Ukraine is strong as always. Ukraine is very rich music country and I am proud of that fact. Artist has the playful charisma and can play with the camera. Dresses are superb and song is quite catchy and could do very well – good luck Ukraine!
Danny – United Kingdom says: perfect performance, good song, will it go down well with the kids of europe? This could go either way! we'll see when the votes come in…
Marcus, Germany says: Seems like Elvis is alive after all! Nice idea, very typically Ukranian: Not showing anything about the own country when debuting.Hasta la vista – remember?

Song 6 – SPAIN
Gil – Israel says:
Another recipt for a 2nd place? looks same for me as last year but better. dancers are great, it will reach the top 5 i guess
Danny – United Kingdom says: The most sucessful country in JESC, will young Dani keep to the top 2 record? Faultless performance! i assume this will do well. the audience like this a lot! Dani deserves 12points for not falling off the stage in those Roller-Skates. Looks like a possible second victory for Team Spain…
Martti, Finland says: Spain is amazing in Junior Eurovision and has always great entries. This time a strong winning candidate. Great voice and performance. Song is very catchy and I am singing along… a sign for success … could be…. Great…
Marcus, Germany says: When it comes to Spain, I can only repeat what I wrote for Portugal. I can't see Spain finishing in another top position.
Redianne-Malta says: I tHink Spain will place somewhere in the middle.. But who kNows, it's a song contest after all

Song 7 – SERBIA
Redianne-Malta says:
hej Is-serata t-tajba from the kids of Serbia..lesson time people, I wonder how the choice of languages was Made!
Gil – Israel says: music is good but the lyrics…languages lesson? somewhere in the middle-bottom i guess
Marcus, Germany says: Children might like these wannabe-rappers. Nevertheless, counting from one to eleven in various languages is not what I expect from a winner. Seems like the fearless teachers are only teaching maths… that might cause some fears.
Martti, Finland says: Serbia … oh what a happy tune and it shows to homes all around Europe. This is what is important in contests to have fun and still give a perfect performance. This is catchy enough and will be a point catcher… great happy, positive song …
Danny – United Kingdom says: Rather unusual clothing from the Serbians, i like this song, but will Europe? it has a catchy chorus and a mix of languages lets see how it scores. not bad, but not the best

Song 8 – MALTA
Gil – Israel says: Sophie is extra cute! good voice, good music – it will reach the top i guess. good song after last year's place
Marcus, Germany says: Sophie is much too self-confident. The song reminds me of the 1980s which makes it hard to believe that this song was really written by a child. Nevertheless, one of the top favourites I'd think.
Danny – United Kingdom says: And now we say hello to the 'Extra Cute' Sophie from the beautiful Island of Malta! This is a great performance, and i predict the best maltese position in their 4year history! my personal favourite so far. But looking at the previous maltese history, only time will tell.
Martti, Finland says: Malta … oh my how to be kind now. This song is absolutely the best written song sofar, but Sophie tries bit too much and it spoils the act. This song had a great possibilities to grow huge, but now we see a mixture of Silvia Night meets Pink and it is not working..sorry
Redianne-Malta says: An exceptional performace. Well done SopHie. A top five song!

Gil – Israel says:
My favorite for tonight, i'm in love with this song – catchy, balkanic, great dances and zana looks great!
Danny – United Kingdom says: Very poppy and catchy, FYR Macedonia do not have the best history in JESC, and tonight i do not see this changing, the vocals are not the best they have been, but it is a good song.. we will have to wait and see. They have more neighbours than any otehr country in JESC this year, this could be a positive thing..
Marcus, Germany says: There was so much trouble about this song. Horrible outfit and I have to say that this song definitely won't do well. Having listened to it several times, I still can't find a hook.
Redianne-Malta says: A good composition of song… The girl looked excited (sarcastic!)
Martti, Finland says: Great rhythm and nice melody. It pleases to see the glimps of traditional culture. Still we could have hoped for a bit more exciting choreography and perhaps a bit more catchy elements on the song. I liked it, but will the televoters of Europe. I hope so.

Song 10 – SWEDEN
Redianne-Malta says:
A grown up ould with a fantastic voice. a future eurovision song contestant winner!
Gil – Israel says: not my so favorite, i don't know what people find in it
Marcus, Germany says: The Swedish song is very good but it won't win. The singer is too adult-childish for JESC and would be too childish-adult for ESC. Maybe it gets some extra attention as the only real ballad. That's a song people might really listen to on the radio.
Danny – United Kingdom says: a favourite amongst most eurofans, Good start, Molly looks good, Vocally Molly is perfect, reminds me of Cory Spedding who came 2nd for the UK in 2004. Probably one of the best songs in the contest, but in JESC History the older contestants do not do so well. She reminds me of Delta Goodrem!
Danny – United Kingdom says: Perfect from Sweden
Martti, Finland says: Molly has amazing voice and will be one of the biggest stars in Swedish music scene in future without doubt. Song is beautiful,catchy and touching. And when song is good and charisma exists – you don´t need more. Sweden 12 points!
Marcus, Germany says: But she is a great singer, might be the best this year.

Song 11 – Greece
Gil – Israel says:
malta+cyprus=greece? this is also not a big deal for me
Danny – United Kingdom says: Nice little pop song from Greece, the first time they have send a solo female to JESC, her vocals are ok, overall it is pretty good, not a winner, i dont think, but possibly mid-table. I like this, not one of the best greek JESC songs, but, who knows?
Marcus, Germany says: The Greek song might be the most catchy one this year. Unfortunately, the show and the outifits are quite boring. But Chloe makes the crowd dancing and the song could have been an O-Zone summer hit.
Martti, Finland says: Greece … once again we see very eurovision-format song and performance and I am asking is this offering something for us tonight. Unfortunately I must be dull and say, that this is the most painful 3 minutes tonight. Still well performed – fingers up.
Marcus, Germany says: It could really be a Greek victory this year.

Song 12 – BELARUS
Gil – Israel says:
male version of Ksenya? another so-belarussian song, but the worst. i hope that he won't win
Redianne-Malta says: A potential winner… What a voice from a young boy Well done boy
Marcus, Germany says: I don't like his voice. I know it's a Junior contest but I think this is not professional enough – even for a children contest. Don't really get what is so special about this song.
Danny – United Kingdom says: Last years winners, Belarus Take the stage. A lot like last years song, and last years singer. you would think his mother would make him get a haircut before going on television in front of the whole of Europe. Being the Favourite in the BigPoll, this has a lot of people who believe in it. He is a happy little boy, with a hapy little song, i predict top 5 for this. Infact.. potential winner!
Martti, Finland says: amazingly rich music country and I wish that they would pick as good artists for the adults eurovision too. Once again we hear a great promising artist with very catchy song and will be a potential winner with this superb performance. Go Belarus!

Song 13 – BELGIUM
Redianne-Malta says:
di di di… an average song which will wont make it with the top ten I think
Gil – Israel says: not Thor, but THOR!!!!! another favorite of mine, didididididi! prefect! i have high hopes for it
Marcus, Germany says: ti ti ti ti ti – at least he will not forget his lines. Actually, he might not be called a singer nor a rapper, but somehow it's entertaining. Will definitely reach the top five.
Danny – United Kingdom says: Now the song from Belgium. Rather unusual for JESC, the use of tourches are a bit random and pointless, not one of the best songs, but i doubt Europe will see it that way, i think Thor will do well, i am unaware why. rather repetative and messy, but it is down to you, the voters!
Martti, Finland says: what could I say. This is so " ti ti ti" we are the winners style. Kids will like this I am sure. Song is quite boring for an adult ear, but this is for children.

Song 14 – CROATIA
Gil – Israel says:
sounds like a soccer game in israel, nice, good minus. great outfit i must say.
Marcus, Germany says: After a wannabe-rapper, a wannabe-rocker might be no surprise. I don't know where the Croatian song is going, I don't know if it will do well but I do know that I don't like it.
Danny – United Kingdom says: Now a personal favourite of mine! Mateo Dido, from Croatia, I am hoping this will reach top 5, but i predict low scoring. The vocals and performance are amazing, i would like to see a second Croatian win, and judging by the audience, so do they! also he has changed his hair colour since the National Final!!
Redianne-Malta says: Nice Music.. But needed to be polished by a better choreeography. I'm sstill confused who's going to be the winner
Martti, Finland says: as usual Croatia brings new promising star. Song is very catchy and this might attract voters. Mateo did a great job with that song. I could have added a bit more heavier elements and it would be "hard rock Croatia"

Song 15 – RUSSIA
Gil – Israel says:
these twins are cute and i think that they are just what the junior eurovision is made for. high but not so high for me
Marcus, Germany says: The Russian entry is in the same style as the Swedish entry was in the ESC in 1986. I am not sure, but I think this style won't work for Russia. But cute twin-girls always work with the audience.
Redianne-Malta says: And the winner is Russia Save the best for last!!!!!
Danny – United Kingdom says: Now the final song in this, the 4th JESC. The song comes from Russian Sisters, Just call them Miss Daisy. Not the best song in JESC 06, there is no doubt that these girls have amazing voices, just not a great song, nor do i think a lot of people in Europe will vote for it. i am predicting around 10th place!
Martti, Finland says: Russia …. so very oldfashioned indeed, but what voices these girls have. But is this enough for the televoting children around Europe? Sure old fashioned music styles are in now, so who knows how it goes.

There is still 10 minutes left to vote for your winning song!

Last years, winner, Ksenia is now performing the 2005 Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner


Danny – United Kingdom:

Redianne, Malta:
4 Malta
5 Sweden

Gil – Israel says:
2.FYR Macedonia

Marcus, Germany:
1. Malta
4. Russia
5. Sweden



THE VOTING IS ABOUT TO BEGIN – what will the panel have to say about the national results?

Half way through the voting, the top 5 is:
1. Russia 92
2. Belarus 80
3. Sweden 76
4= Spain, Belgium, Romania 49

Gil – Israel says:i hate this top 3
Danny – United Kingdom says: not a great winner at all, but we can safely say Russia has won! once again i do not like the winner!
Gil – Israel says: i hate this top 3 but spain and belgium may save the event
Martti Immonen, Finland says: The top seems to be what is expected, but I do wish it will change still. Russian song is not a great winner … so I have my faith in the rest of voters
Marcus, Germany says: I am quite sure now that Russia will win – it's really a surprise for me
Danny – United Kingdom says: Macedonia, currently las and now voting: really strange votes… Top 4 are bottom 5. YAY malta 7. Spain 8. Serbia 10 and croatia 12????

Russia win the 2006 JuniorEurovision Song Contest

Marcus, Germany says: Well – Russia won. It was not my favourite and I didn't expect this song to win, but it's not the worst choice.
Danny – United Kingdom says: Ah.. well.. i can tell you the 2007 winner will be Ukraine! Once again, the song i rated LAST won..
Martti, Finland says: Junior Eurovision 2007 was after all quite strange contest. Some great songs, but as it often goes with televoting … the wrong song always wins. This trend is bad for the future of JESC, but what can you do. Less and less of countries are taking part every year and this kind of results doesn´t much motivate to participate.
Martti, Finland says: I am not that sure, that the style of the winning song is what the children are listening at. I wonder, whom voted? If the contest is not for the children why an earth doing it?
Marcus, Germany says: I think this contest might not convince people to become a fan of the competition but overall it was a good show children might have enjoyed
Danny – United Kingdom says: This contest had some really good song in. Sweden woulod have done better with a little help from Norway and Denmark. Russia would not have done so well without a little help from Ukraine Belarus Romania. Once again, the older Kids did not do well. So the lesson learned in JESC2006 is: If you want to win, You need: to be under 12. Be false, and be CABARET! and the most important thing…. you dont need a good song, just as 2005 and 2006 proved
Martti, Finland says: Oh well… the russian song was so russian musicstyle, that it was not as "great" and fresh for me. We are neighbour countries and we here have far too much russian music here. Without doubt that winning song will be a big hit in Russia
Danny – United Kingdom says: of course it will be huge in Russia, It is the only russian song which has won eurovision! although i do worry about the musical tastes within the Kids of Europe

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