Esctoday Exclusive: Anna Book Speaks out

by Benny Royston 112 views

Today, continues its Melodifestivalen coverage with our next interview. Earlier this week, we spoke to newcomer, Emile Azar. Today, we meet a lady who last appeared on the show in 1987. Anna Book is returning to Melodifestvalen for the third time in 2007. She is without doubt one of the most bubbly personalities in the competition, with a huge smaile and a great desire to have some fun along the way.

The last time Anna appeared in Melodifestivalen was 20 years ago. In 1987, she perfomed the song Det en finns en morgondag, finishing in last place in the final. A year before that, she competed with the schlager classic, ABC. The song finished 4th in the comptetition, but went onto become one of the all time Melodifestivalen favourite and takes it's place on all Melodifestivalen hit compilations. Today caught up with Anna.

Find out why Anna decided to return to Melodifestivalen, what she is planning for the stage show, check out Anna's views on whether music can be truly competitive and how she would react to winning the competition. You can also view the promotional video to Anna's hit, ABC below. recommends the Melodifestivalen compilation CD, Schalgerfavoriterna. The double CD features 49 Melodifestivalen classics including Anna Book's ABC, Nanne Grönvall, Barbados (Magnus Carlsson), Andreas Lundstedt, Drömhus (Therese), Lena Philipsson, Lotta Engberg, Carola, Arja Saijonmaa and many more. The full tracklist can be found at the end of this article.

01: Allt Som Jag Ser – Barbados
02: Anropar Försvunnen – Hanna
03: Se Mig – Barbados
04: Du Är Så Yeah Yeah Wow Wow – Martin
05: Stjärna På Himlen – drömhus
06: Avundsjuk – Nanne Grönwall
07: Du Gör Mig Hel Igen cajsa – Lisa Ejemyr
08: Driver Dagg Faller Regn – Andreas Lundstedt
09: Du Är Alltid En Del Av Mig -Henrik Åberg
10: Det Vackraste – Cecilia Vennersten
11: We Are All The Winners – Nick Borgen
12: Vad Som Än Händer – Maria Rådsten
13: Ett Liv Med Dig towe Jaarnek
14: Kommer Du Ihåg Mig – Jim Jidhed
15: Symfoni – Loa Falkman
16: Mitt I Ett Äventyr – Carola
17: Upp Över Mina Öron – Orup & Glenmark
18: Okey Okey – Lili & Sussi
19: 100 % – Lotta Engberg & Tripple & Touch
20: Högt Över Havet – Arja Saijonmaa
21: Dansa I Neon Lena Philipsson
22: Alexandra – Sound Of Music
23: Abc – Anna Book
24: Dover Calais – Style
25: Kärleken Är Evig – Lena Philipsson
26: Piccadilly Circus – pernilla Wahlgren
27: Hallå Hela Pressen – Chattanoga
28: God Morgon – Sweet'n'chips
29: Växeln Hallå – Janne Lucas
30: Hit Men Inte Längre – liza Öhman
31: Johnny The Rocker – magnus Uggla
32: Det Ligger I Luften – tomas Ledin
33: Om Jag Skriver En Sång – Eva Dahlgren
34: Nattmara – Pugh Rogefeldt
35: Minns Du Hollywood – Tomas Ledin
36: Ska Vi Plocka Körsbär I Min Trädgå – Ann Christine Bärnsten
37: Michelangelo – Björn Skifs
38: Rockin''n'reelin' – ted Gärdestad
39: Bang En Boomerang – svenne & Lotta
40: Min Kärlekssång Till Dig – Lars Berghagen
41: Fröken Ur Sång – Titti Sjöblom
42: Säg Det Med En Sång – lena Andersson
43: Du Skänker Mening Åt Mitt Liv – ola Håkansson
44: Hej Clown – jan Malmsjö
45: Gå & Göm Dig Åke Tråk – mona Wessman
46: Alla Har Glömt – Towa Carson
47: Zum Zum Zum Lilla Sommarbi – Ann Louise Hansson
48: Twist Till Menuett – Lars Lönndahl
49: När Min Vän – monica Zetterlund

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