Greece: Can you feel it? It’s the sound of our land!

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Koza Mostra, the 2013 Greek Euovision hunks have released their latest video clip of their versong Lianohortaroudia. The band have presented their balkan ska version of a well known Greek folk song.

Koza Mostra represented Greece at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with their entry Alcohol is free, achieving an honorable 6th placing in the final.

A blast from the past

Lianohortaroudia is an old Greek folk song which origins come from Thrace. Koza Mostra, the 2013 Greek Eurovision , have included their own balkan ska version in their latest platinum album Keep up the rhythm.

The English lyrics are penned by the lead singer, Ilias Kozas.

Koza Mostra – Lianohortaroudia

English lyrics

Born in Greece; Wandered through time…
Through the eons; By the immigrants danced
Can you feel it? It’s the sound of the land
Can you hear it? It’s the voice of our heart

Anyone sees me, anyone hears me
I’m dancing with you till I fall, you know
The sound that heals me, fire that burns me
Is leading the sound in my soul, hey y’all

I’m tracking the demons that lie between us
Why don’t you help me to dance instead of
Thinking the reasons and twice the treasons
You’ve suffered in land we stand

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