Sweden Interview : Emilé Azar

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Emile Azar is appearing at Melodifestvalen for the first time in 2007. Until now he has mainly recorded demo tracks and performed in his local town. He is hoping that Melodifestivalen 2007 will launch him into the mainstream Swedish music industry. Today, esctoday.com caught up with Emile.

Hello Emilé! Congratulations on being selected for Melodifestivalen 2007
“Hello and thank you”.

Tell us a little more about yourself?
“Well Im a 21 year old guy from Sandviken, in Northern Sweden and I'm completely unknown to everyone laughs . In fact I have never been on a big stage before in my life, so all this is really new to me”.

Do you have any experience in singing on stage then?
“Yes of course but so far I have mostly done different kind of music demos in studios and local engagement around Sandviken. This Melodifestivalen thing seems so incredible big if you know what I mean, it's a real honour to be involved”.

Was it a dream come true for you when you were asked to sing in Melodifestivalen?
“No it was not a dream but I think that this will be a great opportunity for me to be introduced to a really big audience”.

How would you describe you song?
“It´s an R'n'B ballad with Swedish lyrics, it hit me the first time I heard the song, it's great”.

Are you nervous about competing against so many of the big names in Swedish music?
“Actually I�m not, which perhaps might seem a bit strange. But I think we all have songs we like and will do our best on stage to try to sell our song to the audience. I�m going to have the time of my life and we'll see what happens”.

Have you given any thoughts to what clothes to wear and the stage performance?
“Yes I have almost everything ready in my head, it�s going to be simple and very stylish clothes, I want to put the emphasis on the song”.

Have you always watched Melodifestivalen?
“Well I haven�t actually, not every show every year. Only from time to time. I haven�t really felt that it was my kind of music, but this has changed a lot in the last couple of years and now there are a lot more musical styles involved”.

What�s your favourite Schlager song?
“It�s without hesitation Främling, Carola�s song from Melodifestivalen 1983”.

Well esctoday.com wishes you the best of luck in Melodifestivalen!
“Thank you very much and thanks to your readers too, it�s a great website”.

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