JESC 2006 : Belarus , Belgium and Croatia

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Today the first rehersals of Belarus , Belgium and Croatia have finished. Andrey , Thor! and Mateo performed their songs on stage in Romania for the first time.


Andrey seems to be Ksenya Sitnik's twin brother. The song is nice and very similar to My vmeste. The stage colours are red and green changing into grey at the midle of the song.

About Andrey :
Andrei was born on 7th December, 1995 in the small beautiful town of Mazyr in Belarus. In primary school his favourite activity was singing. In 2003 Andrei entered pop musical studio UMES. Currently he is a soloist of the Muliavin National Musical Art Centre where he keeps on improving his vocal skills under the guidance of Svetlana Statsenko.

Andrey is a very industrious, sociable and inquisitive person, loves music and the stage.


The stage colours are dark blue and green trying to look like a dark night. Thor is one of the favorites to win this year. At the end of his rehersals the audience started to sing the chorus of Thor!'s song.

About Thor!:
Thoris nine years old andwrote his song during a family celebration on New Year's Eve. With his grandparents and cousins, Thor went for a long walk in the woods. Somewhere along the way, he hitched a ride on his grandad’s shoulders and spontaneously started to sing about everything they would be doing that evening, like eating croque monsieurs (toasted cheese and ham sandwiches), looking for torches and drinking cups of tea. Before going to bed that night, Thor quickly jotted down his song on a sheet of paper.

Thor is a real live wire. He is a member of his local youth club and has a host of friends. He is building a club house in his garden especially for them. He likes chips and paella, and his favourite holiday destination is Spain. He is an enormous fan of the Star Wars films, Lego and the music of Lordi. He likes to hang out with his friends, build dens and linger in bed. But what he likes to do most of all is singing!


Mateo performs impressively although he is alone on stage. The stage colours are changing every 3 seconds.

About Mateo :
Mateo was born on the 1st of April 1994 in Okrug Gornji on the Niovo peninsula. He comes from a family of musicians. His father Ilija and his brother play the guitar and his sister plays the piano.

His favorite class is musical education and the most boring one religion because of his teacher. Apart from music, Mateo trains judo and rides a bicycle in his spare time. He enjoys traveling and it is his dream to visit New York. When he grows up he would like to become an architect or a rock’n’roll singer, since that is his favorite type of music.

The schedule for the rest of the day:

17.15 – 18.10 Rehersal for Russia

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