Monaco: Märyon tied the knot!

by Yann Messina 554 views

French singer Märyon, who represented Monaco in Istanbul in 2004, got married last week!

Now 26, Märyon who marked the return of the Principality into the Eurovision family after a 25-year long break, has not given up music despite her disappointing result in Turkey with Notre planète. The song had been personally chosen by Prince Albert of Monaco who regularly supports campaigns for the environment.

Since Istanbul, Märyon has been working hard on her music, being part of the electro-lounge group Jaya. In 2006, she took part in castings of the French version of popular talent show “Pop Idol” (Nouvelle Star) in Paris, and was later selected for the final stage of the competition “Pure Voix” organised on the internet by BMG in 2007. In 2010, she was once more selected through the internet for the casting “Je veux signer chez AZ” and was invited to perform on the stage of the prestigious Olympia music hall in Paris. She became very shortly the lead singer of the band Ensemble CAD Vocal performing all around the South of France for two years.

Besides her singing career, Märyon completed a Master’s Degree in Communication. Now happily married and graduated, the young artist is ready to start working very seriously on her own album, teaming up with songwriters who will pen for her the pop-rock-folk repertoire she has always dreamt about.

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