Sestre unsatisfied with camera work from ETV

by Sietse Bakker 169 views

The Slovenian delegation is unsatisfied with the light and camera work of ETV, who is producing the contest. They even claim the wrong lighting is a humiliation for the ones who have created it. The unofficial fan website wrote that in a press release, based on media speculations.

The press release explained the situation very clearly: “After their first rehearsal on Tuesday, Sestre already said they will not appear on stage if the lighting and framing was not changed. The second rehearsal brought some changes but did not satisfy the Slovene delegation fully. Yesterday Marlena appeared at the Slovene TV news programme quite upset. Their wishes for additional lighting were not fulfilled and also the Sestre mimic does not show as it should”.

Sestre want their act – containing flight safety instructions – to be seen by the European audience the way they planned. “It looks like ETV wants to prevent them from that”, the press release from the unofficial fan website said. Therefore they will ask for ultimate additional changes. Today is the last day that changes can be made, since there will be a general dress rehearsal with public in the evening.

Sestre are not the only performers who had comments about the framing of the act. Also Belgium and Denmark made remarks on light or camera work.

Sestre also announced that on the final night of the contest, they will be glittering in dresses decorated with over 150.000 Swarovski cut crystals. They will also have a new choreography, keeping in line with the aviation theme and showing flight safety instructions.

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