Arja releases new album

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Finnish born Scandinavian superstar Arja Saijonmaa has released her first album in Finnish since 2000. The album, called Rakkaus on rohkeutta (Love is being brave). The singer, writer and former UN Ambassador for Human Rights is still hugely popular across Scandinavia for both her strong voice and strong personality. She made a special appearance this summer at SchlagerPride in Stockholm. You can see's exclusive coverage of her performance at the end of this article!

Arja is well known to fans of the Eurovision Song Contest through herfour attempts to reach the competition, twice as a representative for Sweden and twice with native Finland. She entered Melodifestivalen in Sweden in 1987 with the song hogt over havet,finishing in second place,one point behindLotta Engberg (another of Sweden's most loved singers). The song became one of Sweden's all time classic hits. She returned to the competition in 2005 with Vad än du trodde så trodde du fel, but failed to reach the final. She has also twice participated in Euroviisut with Talvilintu in 1971 and Gabriela which came third in 1990.

Rakkaus on rohkeutta is described as an album of traditional ballads. Her first single was released 37 years ago, and her first album was released in 1972. In total Arja has released 25 albums and recorded songs in Norwegian, Spanish, Italian, French, Greek and German as well as her traditional Finnish and Swedish.

Click here to purchase Rakkaus on rohkeutta.

01: Ota kädestäni kiinni
02: Rakkauteni
03: Rakkaus on rohkeutta
04: Natalie
05: Vain yön voit ostaa
06: Rakkaus ei kuole milloinkaan
07: Amore Mio
08: Oma tieni
09: Pieni tyttö
10: Kahden rakastuneen unelmat
11: Olen nainen

Click here to purchase Arja Saijonmaa's greatest hits album, 100% Arja Saijonmaa! (2002 release)

01: Högt Över Havet
02: Andalusia
03: Så Vill Jag Älska Dig (caruso)
04: Var Är Du Nu
05: Till Dagens Ljus (conquest Of…)
06: Prospettiva Nevski
07: Kan Man Älska Utan Glöd
08: Jag Sjunger För Livet
09: Förbundet (la Rega)
10: Jag Vill Leva I Europa
11: Himlen Är Nära
12: Dansa Rumba (rumba Gitanos)
13: Klöversnoa
14: Bara Du Kommer
15: Millioner Rosor
16: Titanic (andraklasspassagerarens…)
17: Bailame
18: Du Är Den Ende
19: Jag Vill Tacka Livet
20: Ljuvliga Ungdom
21: En Bro Av Gemenskap
22: Med Slutna Ögon
23: När Våren Kommer Till St Petersbur
24: En Sång Om Frihet
25: Så Länge Hjärtat Slår
26: I Det Blå
27: Natt I Moskva
28: Låt Kärleken Slå Rot
29: Dansa,dansa
30: Min Första Kärlek

Click the 'play' icon below to watch Arja perform at Schlagerpride 2006!

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