Duo Datz almost divorced

by Itamar Barak 256 views

Orna and Moshe Datz, better known to Eurovision fans as the Duo Datz, who represented Israel at the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest, emerged just recently out of a crisis that almost cost them their marriage.

According to Israeli website Ynet.co.il, Orna and Moshe Datz, who have been married for 21 years already, have suffered lately from a crucial crisis, which almost led to their divorce. The couple, who has two children, has already met with an attorney to arrange the issues concerning a possible divorce, butafter achievinga last minute compromise, the couple decided to continue their mutual life together, for the time being. Orna Datz commented to Ynet.co.il saying 'No comment, and thats far more than I planned on saying'.

Duo Datz came 3rd in the 1991 Eurovision Song Contest for Israel, after a close race in the voting, which they almost won. Since then, the couple became two of the more popular and busy artists in Israel, together and separately. Together they dominate the children's musical videos business in Israel. On his own, Moshe is a busy musical producer whereas Orna is a popular television presenter, mainly of fashion programmes and ceremonies.

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