Johnny Logan: The orchestra can get me back to Eurovision

by Edward Montebello 314 views

The Eurovision Song Contest can attract me if the orchestra is back“. This was a highlighting statement that Eurovision legend Johnny Logan said when he caught up with in an exclusive interview few hours before giving a concert in Malta.

Speaking about what would he change in the annual glittering song contest he said that the EBU should give artists the option of performing with an orchestra or a backing track. The 59 year old Australian born singer said that he might return if the orchestra option is on the table.

Mr. Eurovision spoke about his visit in Malta and also how Ireland should select the right song to re-live the nights of Eurovision glory. The three time Irish Eurovision winner said that the contest became a so-called European X-Factor. Johnny Logan ended his interview with a message to all those upcoming artists who aspire for an established career.

Watch the interview below