Draw results: 10 Swedish CDs

by Michalis Vranis 89 views

Durring the two Eurovision weeks, esctoday.com gave the chance to its’ readers to participate in our give aways. The Swedish delegation shared 10 CDs of their participation to give them away to our readers.

Robin Stjernberg preformed his song You during the grand final on May 18th.

The Winners

The 10 lucky winners of the Swedish CDs are the following (this is their Facebook name):

  1. Meik Tafelski
  2. Jonathan Wyatt
  3. Bente Syvertsen
  4. Erika Eriksson
  5. Krís Qaj
  6. Jayshree Barros
  7. Chris Zavos
  8. Rod Adams
  9. Nir Harel
  10. Martin Bogado

Instructions to the winners

The 10 winners above must send their real name and surname as well as their postal address to [email protected] with the subject ‘Swedish CDs‘ before Friday 26 July at midnight CET. The winners have been notified by email (check the email you use to login on Facebook).

You can see the results of past draws here.