t.A.T.u : The Best

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Former Eurovision Song Contest participants from Russia, Tatu have released a greatest hits CD and DVD. Many people know their hits, All about us, All the things she said and Not gonna get us. Also minor hits like How soon is now (yes the Smiths classic track) and Friend or foe are here too. Happily also Ne ver Ne Boysia Ne Prosi is included for fans of the Eurovision Song Contest.

The hauntingly beautiful Gomenasai is one of the stand out songs on this collection, showing a totally different side of the girls compared to their usual dance tracks.

Now, not to be outdone by the recent trend, the Russian duo have released this best of as a cd/dvd set. On the dvd there are video clips of some tracks, video clips of remixed tracks, making of the video clips, a small concert from Paris and TV advertising spots from around the world.

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Track Listings
1. All About Us
2. All the Things She Said
3. Not Gonna Get Us
4. How Soon Is Now?
5. Loves Me Not
6. Friend or Foe Radio Version
7. Gomenasai
8. Null & Void
9. Cosmos (Outer Space) She Wants Revenge Remix
10. Show Me Love Radio Version
11. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have) Bollywood Mix
12. Ne Ver Ne Boysia Ne Prosi Eurovision Song
13. 30 Minutes
14. Divine Extended Version
15. Perfect Enemy
16. All the Things She Said Dave Aude Remix Edit
17. Ludi Invalidi Russian Version Remix
18. Love Me Not Glam as You Mix Radio Edit
19. Nas Ne Dagoniat Not Gonna Get Us Russian Version
20. Yo Soshia S'Uma All the Things She Said Russion Version

1. T.A.T.U.: Live in Concert at Glame as You, Paris, France Live
2. Gomenasia
3. Gomenasia Animated Version Multimedia Track
4. How Soon Is Now?
5. Ludi Invalidi
6. All About Us Version
7. All the Things She Said Mix
8. Not Gonna Get Us Mix
9. All About Us Mix
10. Friend or Foe Mix
11. All About Us
12. Friend or Foe
13. Gomenasai
14. TV Spots from Around the World

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