Sweden: Sarah Dawn Finer up for UK challenge

by Richard West-Soley 645 views

She’s already run the gauntlet of Sweden’s Melodifestivalen, twice. And her fan base has widened enormously as the unforgettable Lynda Woodruff. But could Sarah Dawn Finer be the UK’s next entrant at the Eurovision Song Contest?

As unlikely as it might seem, Sarah Dawn Finer fuelled huge speculation this week, after admitting in interview with the UK’s Gay Times that although another Melodifestivalen entry will not be forthcoming any time soon, she would nonetheless jump at the chance to sing for the UK. This might not be as unusual as it first appears, as the singer has roots in the UK as well as America, despite being raised in Sweden. Sarah Dawn spelt out her enthusiasm clearly: “I would love to write a song or sing for the UK one year“, she explains. “So if you want a half-British, half-American singer for 2015, I know of one.” Having cemented her reputation as a popular singer-songwriter with strong participations in Sweden’s Eurovision selection in 2007 and 2009, she comes with a tried-and-tested pedigree, and a freshness which could reinvigorate the excitement of UK fans tired with poor placings.

For Sarah Dawn, the UK’s time has not passed at the contest, and a win is still a likely prospect. “As for the UK, I am sure that you could and will win again” she reassures. “It’s about the best song in combination with the right artist, like Loreen… it’s not about the most famous singer.” Finer would certainly be an unknown name to many British TV viewers, although with a firm foothold in the hearts of contest fans both in the UK and abroad.

The overseas precedent

It would, of course, not be the first time the UK has turned to overseas connections to fill its Eurovision spot, if it comes to pass. Those following British selections of the past may even remember Nanne Grönvall’s ill-fated attempt to represent the UK in 2001, coming last in the televised final with Men. However, given the UK’s tendency to select internally during the past few years, Sarah Dawn Finer might find herself in the mix for a competition-free selection.

Retaining close ties with her London and New York heritage, it seems that a participation for the land of her father might be an exciting prospect for Finer, and has certainly caused a buzz amongst fans. Perhaps the BBC will be making enquiries, should their executives happen to browse through the online pages of Gay Times UK…

Watch Sarah Dawn Finer’s performance of Moving On at Melodifestivalen 2009 below: