Sweden: Emmelie and Robin’s royal engagement

by Richard West-Soley 196 views

Many a Eurovision fan might wish to be the kind of person for whom song contest stars perform at their birthday party. In Sweden, Crown Princess Victoria is just that kind of person, with a distinct Eurovision theme planned for her birthday celebrations on July 14th.

As part of the programme at Borgholm Castle ruin in Öland, Sweden, both this year’s reigning champion, Emmelie de Forest, and the most recent Swedish participant, Robin Stjernberg, will be strutting their stuff for the royals. They form part of the traditional Victoriadagen festivities this year, which annually sees Borgholm as the focal point of top Swedish TV entertainment for a few days each Summer.

While Emmelie and Robin represent the current crop of Eurovision names, Melodifestivalen 2010 participant Darin will also be lending his voice to the line-up, ensuring that this year’s celebrations will have lots to offer the contest’s fans – as well as the birthday girl herself.