Denmark: Emmelie de Forest gives interview to German newspaper

by Eleanor Cooper 298 views

The winner of this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Danish star Emmelie de Forest, has given an interview to the German newspaper Die Welt.  In her interview, she reveals her musical role models and what she thinks of this year’s German act, Cascada.

What has changed for you since you won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest?

Everything changed for me when I won the Danish preliminary round! And of course everything has further changed since I won the contest.  I have a lot more appearances on TV scheduled than before.

Before the ESC, you were one of the big favourites to win.  Despite this, were you still surprised that you won?

Yeah, I was still surprised. You never really know what will happen.  The bookmakers have been frequently mistaken in previous years, so it was very exciting watching the scoring from the green room.

Did you expect your winning song “Only teardrops” to be such a hit in the charts?

I hoped it would. It’s a great song that tells a story, and has a very catchy melody to which one can sing very well.  These are all important factors for both a great hit and a great Eurovision song.

Here in Germany, your song is constantly on the radio. Are there any plans for a tour in Germany?

We have planned a tour in the autumn, beginning the 18th October.  My band and I will visit eleven German cities.

Let’s back to this year’s contest.  Did you see the performance of the German participant, Cascada?

No, I could not see it live. I was just backstage preparing myself for my own performance.  But I often heard her song being played, and have seen the performance online.  I really like Cascada, including their song “Glorious”.

Do you have any musical influences?

One of my biggest role models is Kate Bush – I listened to her music a lot as a child.  As I got older, I discovered more and more of her music, and I just like the way she has written, interpreted and sung the lyrics.  She varies from having a soft, light voice, and adding darker tones to her singing. I would like to work with her some time.

Are there any German musicians you like?

I like Lena, who won the 2010 Eurovision Song Contest. Her song “Satellite” was very special, because such a thing had never been heard before at Eurovision.

You have been a musician since your early youth.  What do you think of talent shows?

They’re not really my thing. But there are certainly some great shows which are interesting to watch.  It is great to be praised by a jury!  I was asked if I wanted to take part in something along these lines, but I decided against it.  I would rather do the Eurovision Song Contest with an original and unknown song, written by great songwriters.

How would you describe your music?

My music is very memorable.  I think it surprises people as I perform a lot of up-tempo pieces, and many would expect more of a balance.  I like my songs to be dramatic, and the lyrics are very important to me.  The resemble dreams, films, books or art which I have seen.  I have written a couple of love songs too, but they’re not really typical.

So would you say you put a lot of your personality in your music?

Definitely. I really feel that it’s my album. I decided for myself exactly how I want the disc to be. For a long time I wanted to go exactly in this direction. I wrote eight of the twelve songs with other songwriters.

What music do you listen to privately?

At home, I listen to opera. My parents loved this music and often took me to classical concerts when I was little. I wanted to be an opera singer! But I also listen to Simon & Garfunkel. I love their lyrics. Or Edith Piaf. I like a lot of the old stuff, and some newer.