Netherlands: Armin van Buuren open to ESC

by Richard West-Soley 845 views

Barely a month has passed since Anouk’s top ten smash in Malmö, and the rumour mill is running at top speed. All the buzz of the past few days centres on one man in the Netherlands: Armin van Buuren.

The anticipation stems from comments reportedly made from the DJ himself, which, whilst not confirming his participation, do not reject the idea out of hand. TV presenter Cornald Maas explains that Armin’s attitude is open towards the Eurovision Song Contest – and he certainly wouldn’t say no.

Any artist has to weigh up the potential costs and benefits of participating in a competition, and for Armin, it’s thinking time right now. Speaking to Maas, he is apparently ready to talk to broadcaster Avro about the possibility. As a DJ, he would be able to arrange a track and seek out a suitable singer for it, and bypass the national final rounds which, up to now, had been in the running for Avro’s participation next year. “If I had a record and get the ‘carte blanche’, then why not?” he sums up.

Full artistic freedom

Maas, seemingly acting as a mediator between the DJ and the broadcaster, is clear about which route is best for the Netherlands next year. “The plan will only succeed if the broadcaster abandons the series of rounds planned for next year“, the presenter explains. “I see it as the best option for the Netherlands if someone of reputation is given full artistic freedom over the entry.

Armin is certainly that – with an international reputation as a Trance music producer, with several awards behind him, he brings not only experience and connections, but his own label. His 2013 song This Is What It Feels Like hit the top twenty in countries from the UK to Australia, making the DJ a well-known and popular musical brand. Whether that brand is one Avro seeks to promote at Eurovision, and how well it translates into the contest, will be the questions on Dutch fans lips for at least the coming weeks.