Swiss Eurovision entries reach the hitlist

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In a TV show called Die größten Schweizer Hits, the five most popular Swiss songs ever were chosen. Before the show, 15 songs were nominated by internet and postcard voting. Both Eurovision Song Contest singers and songs could be found in the hitlist.

Swiss ladyreachedsixth position in the Eurovision Song Contestin 1977, performed by the Pepe Lienhard Band,and wasamong the nominees. Commercially, it was the most succesful Swiss contribution to the contest ever, being the only one reaching the top of the charts.

In 1981, Peter, Sue & Marc represented Switzerland for the fourth time.Having already sung in French (1971, Les illusions de nos vingt ans (The illusions of our youth)), in English (1976 – Djambo, Djambo) and in German (1979 – Trödler & Co. (Dawdler & co)), their Italian entry Io senza te (Me without you) became a hit. It reached 4th place in the contest and 6th place in the single charts.

Both songs weren't among the Top 5 of the best Swiss songs ever. Furthermore, DJ Bobo, who confirmed his participation in the Swiss selection for 2007 was nominated with his hit Somebody dance with me.

Francine Jordi, who represented Switzerland in 2002 with Dans le jardin de mon âme (In the garden of my soul), withboth music and lyrics written by herself, reached the Top 5: The song Träne (Tear),she sang together with Florian Ast, reached second position only 0,1 % behind the actual winner of the evening. Francine Jordi onlycame 22nd (third from last) in Tallinn, nevertheless she is one of the most succesful Swiss singers at the moment, especially in the 'Volksmusik' section.

The Top 5 are (the other places were not announced):

  1. Polo Hofer & die SchmetterBand – Alperose
  2. Florian Ast & Francine Jordi – Träne
  3. Mani Matter – Hemminge
  4. Hazy Osterwald – Kriminaltango
  5. Mash – Ewigi Liäbi

Over one million people watched the show. The compilation CD with the nominated songs reached gold status three days after its release.

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