Norway: Emmelie in Allsang på grensen finale

by Richard West-Soley 202 views

Emmelie de Forest’s bare feet have barely touched the ground since winning this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Next up on her calendar is a headline appearance on a popular Norwegian music show.

Emmelie will be the climactic finale at the end of this Summer’s season of TV2’s show ‘Allsang på grensen’ (Singalong on the border), treating fans in the open-air and viewing at home to her winning vocals. The show will take place on 31st July, and the channel promises that the season will end in style. Presenter Katrine Moholt notes that the outdoor setting is perfect for barefooted Emmelie, confirming that “green lawn, summer and sun are ideal for bare toes“.

Head of TV2, Petter Dahl, admitted that the show missed out last year, after failing to secure a performance by Swedish winner Loreen. That makes Emmelie’s appearance all the more special, particularly so given the cross-border nature of the programme and Emmelie’s provenance from nearby Denmark.

Big names from Eurovision and beyond

As well as big international names like Billy Ocean and Jamie Cullum, Emmelie won’t be alone as a former Eurostar on Allsang. Swedish songstress Carola will be putting in an appearance, as well as familiar faces from national finals, Darin, Sean Banan and Adelén, amonst many other in the packed programme.

Tune into TV2 in Norway on July 31st to catch Emmelie close this year’s season of  Allsang på grensen!