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Either as a Melodifestivalen participant (2007 and 2009) or presenter, or even as her alter-ego Lynda Woondruff, the EBU spokesperson for the Eurovision Song Contest, Sarah Dawn Finer is a highly esteemed and beloved performer in the Eurovision fans’ community. had the chance to meet her and bring to you more details about her experience in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, her future plans, but also Lynda’s latest “amaizing” updates.

You participated to Melodifestivalen as a contender twice in the past. Any intention to take part again? 

No, no plans to participate for in Sweden as a contentender. Perhaps one year as a songwriter for another artist, or another country, who knows what the future will hold, but no such thoughts yet.
Sweden has such a big Melodfestival and it’s very hard to win with 32 songs. I feel very proud of and happy with both “I remember love” and “Moving on”, that they become so popular even though they did’nt win, but I don’t think I dare try again.
The music I have been making on the past 2 albums is really the kind that would work well in the MF, so I haven’t thought about it…but who knows what the future holds.
Maybe I could write a song or so for another English Speaking coutry or something…

Lynda Woodruff has become very popular among the Eurovision fans and all over Europe. How did the idea for this troll character come up and how it was developed? How would you describe Lynda in only a few words.

That question has a long answer, but the short one is, that I had sort of walked around the voice/accents of her for a few years, since 2008, when I first started trying it out for voice work. It later become a private joke at partys and in 2011, when I got the hosting Job for the MF 2012, Edward af Sillén (director of the show) and I were looking for things that we as hosts could do, to show new sides of ourselves.
We spoke of musical numbers, skits and other ideas, and I showed him the “Lynda” voice an explained what she was based on.
We started brainstorming that night, who could she be, what could we use her for. We decided to make an introduction video from an EBU official, to welcome to Baku, and then.. After airing the orginal sketch back in 2012, the viral effect from the ESC fans really made us feel like we had made a fun thing for them, and so.. She came back for the ESC 2012 to give the Swedish votes..
And so .. The saga continued.
We are so happy and thrilled that so many people laugh and love her.
I never knew I was funny, and never thought playing a brittish EBU lady would be my introduction to a wider audience .. Hahahaha!

Do you find any similarities between her personality and yours? 

Not really.. She says and does things I wouldn’t really do or perhaps dare..
But I was surprised that some people in Sweden really didn’t understand that it was me, for quite a while.

Sweden hosted the 2013 edition of the Eurovision Song Contest with great success and you contributed to it both through the Lynda Woodruff sketches as well as through your live performance in the Grand Final. Tell us a few words about this whole experience. What did you enjoy most?

Getting to sing in the ESC finale and being asked to perform an ABBA song live was one of the scariest and most amazing moments of my life and career. I am very thankful for that opportunity.
I am also so Happy that Lynda finally got to the ESC as we only could hope and dream for, when we did the first sketch that cold January day 2012.

After embodying the character of Lynda Woodruff would you be interested in a career in acting? What’s easier for you; singing or acting?

I have acted on and off since I was 6 years old, in shows, tv-series and movies. I have a supporting part in a Swedish movie coming out this fall, that we shot last Summer and I am playing the legendary role of “Sally Bowles” in Cabaret in Sweden March-May 2014.
But music, making records, playing live and singing always comes first. I am a Singer who sometimes acts. And sometimes does tv hosting jobs, musicals, shows and other projects.
Thats one of the ways that I get to learn and evolve as an artist.

What your opinion about the current format of the Eurovision Song Contest is? Would you change anything if you had the authority to do so? Do you endorse the televoting and/or the jury votes?

I think its getting better and better. My main concern is the songs. I would like the quality of the songs to be more interesting, and the broader the genres the better. I loved Anouk this year. New and different and needed.

What your biggest career dream would be and which of your dreams you have achieved so far? 

I have gotten to achieve most of my dreams of writing Music and making albums and Tours. Getting to perform with amazing musicians and singers and have been given great opportunities.
Sweden has really embraced me and given me support.
I would love to be signed by a label outside of Sweden someday and get to perform and tour/do shows for a wider audience around the world.
But that is a hard Dream to fullfill cause it requires so many other peoples help and other opportunities.
If my career would end tomorrow, I can honesty say.. I am so proud and thankful for what I have experienced.

Any special message for the readers?

Thank you for your support and love from all over the world. It really means more than you know.
We would like to thank Sarah Dawn Finer and of course Roxy Recordings for their support and help in order to make this interview come true.