San Marino: Valentina releases new album

by Sanjay (Sergio) Jiandani 213 views

Valentina Monetta, the 2013 Sammarinese Eurovision representative has relased a new album titled – Crisalide La Storia di Valentina Monetta.

Crisalide – La Storia di Valentina Monetta is the new album by Valentina Monetta, released  on 7 June on digital music stores including Amazon and iTunes. The new album describes Valentina’s long musical road – her artistic development and amazing bandwidth, including unique live recordings. It follows her path through the world of pop music – and it’s just the beginning of a rising star.

The album features  17 tracks including the San Marino entry for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest Crisalide (vola) in no less than 8 different versions.

The tracklisting of the album is:

1. Una giornata belissima

2. L’amore verrà

3. Diadaba jazz

4. Da mia proprietà

5. Think about

6. My Funny Valentina (Live-Jazz-Version)

7. The Social Network Song (oh oh-uh-oh oh) (Live Jazz Version)

8. Facebook (uh oh oh) (Euroclub-Version)

9. I’ll Follow The Sunshine

10. Crisalide (vola) (Original-Version)

11. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Eng. Dance-Version)

12. Crisalide (vola) (Jazz-Version)


13. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Engl. Radio-Pop-Version)

14. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Eng. Radio-Jazz-Version)

15. Crisalide (vola) (Radio-Pop-Version)

16. Chrysalis (you’ll be flying) (Original-Engl.-Version)

17. Crisalide (vola) (Dance-Version)

You can buy a copy of the album in in all major digital music stores including Amazon and iTunes.

Valentina Monetta has represented San Marino twice in 2012 and in 2013. San Marino debuted at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2008 with Miodio. The landlocked micro state  is yet to win the event.

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