Belgium: Nuno Resende is The Voice 2 bronze medalist in France

by Yann Messina 974 views

The news got rather unnoticed to most eurofans during the exciting Eurovision week but on the very same night of the big final staged in Sweden, a former Eurovision participant was taking part in another very big event, the final of the popular TV talent show The Voice 2 in France. Nuno Resende, the 2005 Belgian representative in Kiev, managed a very respectable performance being voted 3rd best artist of the show overall.

The Belgian singer of Portuguese descents, who shot to fame in the music industry thanks to countless roles in many successful French musicals, managed to successively qualified from the blind auditions, the battles and the live shows up to the big final of the programme which was broadcast on France’s main commercial channel TF1.

Weeks after weeks, Nuno managed to gather a lot of support from TV viewers and a lot of music professionals, including no less than fellow citizen and the 1988 Eurovision entrant for Luxembourg Lara Fabian (watch last video), due to his solid vocal technique and his talent but also mainly because he is a very positive and accessible man.

Nuno Resende qualified for the big final, ending 3rd overall. The singer will also tour France with The Voice 2 Tour and is now promised with more exposure than ever(the final of the show was followed by at least twice as much viewers than the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast on France 3), and now hopes to make a deserved breakthrough as a solo artist.

Watch Nuno’s blind audition

Watch Nuno’s battle

Watch one of Nuno’s live performances

Watch one of Nuno’s live performances

Watch Nuno performing with Lara Fabian