Ukraine: Gravity tops the national chart

by Alexandru Busa 288 views

This year’s Ukrainian entry in the Eurovision Song Contest became very successful not only in the contest itself but also nationwide as it’s the most played song by the radio stations from the Ukraine. The single Gravity by Zlata Ognevich topped the national airplay chart for two consecutive weeks already.

Despite Ukraine’s positive record in the Eurovision Song Contest, not all their entries were successful on home ground.  For example, Verka Serduchka’s Dancing lasha tumbai didn’t even enter the top 40 even if it almost won the grand final of 2007. This isn’t the case for this year’s song as Gravity is currently the number one played single by the national radios and Zlata Ognevich became even more popular than she was before within the Ukrainian music industry.

The song Gravity was composed by Mikhail Nekrasov and written by Karen Kavaleryan. You can watch the official music video below: