Draw results: winners of the 20 CDs from Azerbaijan

by Michalis Vranis 120 views

Durring the two Eurovision weeks, esctoday.com gave the chance to its’ readers to participate in our give aways. The Azeri delegation shared 20 CDs of their participation to give them away to our readers.

Farid Mammadov performed his song Hold me in the Grand Final on Saturday 18 May.

The Winners

The 20 lucky winners of the Azeri CDs are the following (this is their Facebook name):

  1. Colin Acton
  2. Fiona Golsteyn
  3. Daffaakbar Munadjat
  4. Jón Arnar
  5. Jessica Cambridge
  6. Rafa Followed
  7. Igor Dimoski
  8. Darío Sebastià
  9. Itzik Doanis
  10. Aurélien Saunier
  11. Stewart Ogilvie-Goddard
  12. Sinan Sadula
  13. Teresa Costa
  14. Rui Pereira
  15. Daniel Bartolo
  16. Scott Humm
  17. Stina Ingberg
  18. Cátia Azevedo
  19. Alex Withers
  20. Basilis Dafnomilis

Instructions to the winners

The 20 winners above must send their real name and surname as well as their postal address to [email protected] with the subject ‘Azeri CDs‘ before Friday 14 June midnight. The winners have been notified by email (check the email you use to login on Facebook).

You can see the results of past draws here.